Saddle Up with a Rivercrest Ranch Rental

Here’s what a $12,900 monthly lease in Rivercrest Estates will get you: Big house. Big lot. Barn. The wooded lot of 3.1 acres abuts Westheimer Rd. near Beltway 8.


At 8,000 sq.ft., 2 W. Rivercrest Dr. has 5 to 7 bedrooms, 4 full baths, and 2 half-baths. There are 2 master bedrooms. It’s a 2-story house built in 1997 and has an elevator. Interior finishes include pecan wood, Travertine tile, and stonework. Outside, the white fence styling says horse country. There’s a 5-car garage, pool, guest house, and that barn, with a pasture and paved trails for guests of another breed entirely. Bringing your pets to share the rental property, however, is a matter to be determined case-by-case.

One Comment

  • I used to live east of W.Rivercrest. I’d cycle/run through the ‘hood . I love the trees,quiet/peaceful solitude, the beauty and the horses.One home has a stable in the front yard,with paddock.The horses are Dutch Draft horses: big builds,dark brownish/black coats.They’re similar in size to Clydesdales.Each lot,per deed restrictions,is permitted one horse per acre. And some lots are over 3+ acres. At W.Rivercrest&Briar Forest Dr., the Consulate General of Qatar lives in the 12,000 sq.ft. recently built Mediterranean.There are some lovely parcels of land in Rivercrest. The biggest new construction is at 12 W.Rivercrest.Over 33,000 sq.ft.! And directly across W.Rivercrest from the Qatari Consulate Generals Mediterranean hut, is State of Texas representative (District 149)Hubert Vo’s gaudy pile. It is has been quietly for sale for years.After several price reductions NO one has bought the tacky manse. Of course,Mr.Vo was called out by one of Houston’s intrepid consumer advocates for owning some really run down,slummy apartment complexes. It was a contrast of the have’s vs. the have nots. Rivercrest tried several years ago to buy up and close off both E.&W.Rivercrest streets from Westheimer north to Briar Forest Dr. Mayor Bill White’s administration “compromised” and allowed RC to partially block access northbound onto E.&W.Rivercrest from Westheimer Rd.Some RC residents were NOT amused that their entreaties to Bill White’s administration were not given more weight.I bet some RC residents had contributed to Bill White’s election campaigns ,and were pissed off that their donations did not get them the pull they thought it would. I felt their pain.Anyway,Rivercrest was established in the late 1940’s! I talked with one of the original residents ,he said Westheimer was a one lane road,Gessner Rd. did NOT exist, Memorial Dr. did not come out that far,Briar Forest was built in the early 1980’s(to alleviate traffic on Westheimer),and there was very few services/retail/etc. out that far. Houston’s most western edge basically stopped at Buffalo Speedway Weslayan.There was hardly any development past there.That’s all folks….