San Jacinto River Dioxin Waste Pits Bust Open; Clear Lake Golf Course’s Flood-Prevention Makeover

Photo of Astrodome: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Re: Dioxin

    “But the EPA and spokesmen for the company overseeing the clean-up had previously claimed that there appeared to be no rupture of an armored cap at the site.” … yet a simple drone flight by a local resident showed that the EPA lied about the potential release of dioxin, “one of the most powerful known human carcinogens.”, into the channel and thus into Galveston Bay.

    But then again, what would you expect from the Dotard’s EPA that has consistently denied potential recognized health dangers and rolled back environmental protections?

  • And they say churches aren’t a for-profit business. This one is just a developer using “sucker funding” (collection plate money). Time to end the Holy Tax Exemption.

  • RE: Nonprofit The Center Selling Its 5.5 acre West Dallas property
    That is a prime piece of property, even though it is very proximate to Buffalo Bayou. I seem to remember that they were proposing to close and sell the property a few years ago but the local community squawked and it was shelved. But, the combination of the hurricane and rising property values may have brought the sale proposal back.

  • losing 2% of construction force when 75% are illegal aliens…call a waaambulance and hire legal citizens..problem solved. chronicle loves promoting liberal sob stories.

  • Re: Grace Community Church Mixed Use Development: Anti-LGBT, tax exempt mega churches now getting into “mixed use developments” and real estate is everything that’s wrong with this city, state and country. Utterly deplorable and disgusting!

  • @Ed: Can’t forget about the church’s’ fight against women’s reproductive healthcare. Republicans take their personal agenda and hide it into Christianity.

  • The train should send a signal that jams your Bluetooth then texts you to say that you’re an idiot.

  • I would venture a guess that DRC is nothing more than a shell company owned by rich, politically well connected Houstonians, to take advantage of us less fortunate and wealthy Houstonians, during times of emergency. The company has been around at least since Allison, but it appears not to be a real operating company. Its sole purpose has been to act as a padrone for doling out emergency waste pickup after great storms. It supposedly has a contract at a fixed price, which it now does not want to honor because the spread between the contract price and going rates of disposal have disappeared. If I am correct about this, and frankly it appears that no one cares, City Council should hold their feet to the fire but since the probable owners of DRC are the very people that support their political campaigns, I doubt they will.

  • Thank you for all your hard work. Relevant information for all Houston.
    If y’all were a Newspaper. I’d buy you.

  • Re: The Center
    My sister attends the AAC day program at The Center. The activity center room took in a lot of water. The basement of one of the office buildings was also completely underwater, and that was where the dental clinic was located. They also need facilities that are more accessible. There are lots of small hallways, sidewalk ramps with steep angles, and areas with no sidewalks. Harris County should look at selling the adjacent property that’s barely in use.

  • @JoeDirt SInce we decided to send everybody to college we’re not training skilled construction laborers. I hope you don’t need finish carpentry or masonry work, or a new floor after the flood. Because construction crews are leaving the state in droves over SB4.

    Yeah, they’re illegal and we all have our theories about how we got to a place where a significant percentage of our skilled construction labor go that way. But ultimately it is what it is. And if you want to get your flooded house fixed you’re going to need those guys here.

  • I don’t think for profit businesses run by a church should be tax exempt and any home over say 1 million being used as living quarters for a minister should be taxable for propert tax purposes. What is stopping any developer from setting up as a church, putting a small functioning church on the property and then building a billion dollar tax free real estate empire on the larger lot? The church can even be a for profit wedding venue. All they need to do is hold one service at 8am on Sunday and sponsor a youth group while the church CEO / developer rakes in millions in profit.

    The limit on tax free property owned by a church can be called the Joel Osteen exception. He owns a River Oaks mansion and pays nothing in prop taxes. What a leach on society. No worries, Joel. My property taxes can cover 1/1,000,0000th of YOUR fair share.

  • Every try to donate land to a charitable organization? Most times they won’t take it because it’s only tax exempt if it’s directly used in furthering their mission. Do you think Rice University doesn’t pay taxes on the Village? They do, as will the church on any development which takes place here which is not a religious facility.

  • txcon: If we need more immigrant labors, the solution is to let a lot more in legally. That’ll help the new immigrants as well as they’ll be fully legal citizens (or legally here with work permits) vs. now where they’re here illegally, but no one does anything about it. Which is a shitty solution.
    Being against illegal immigration doesn’t mean your anti immigrant or don’t see the need. It means you want people here legally for everyone’s benefit.