Sanctuary Walls Crumbling as Annunciation Orthodox Cathedral Prepares To Get Born Again

A Sunday field trip earned a reader a peek into the main sanctuary of the Annunciation Orthodox Cathedral, now being cracked open so a dome can be placed on top (along with more seating down below). The renderings of the planned changes, shown here facing the corner of Kipling St. and Yoakum Blvd., have been updated since they were submitted last year for that variance request application:


Here’s the future view of the Kipling side currently under deconstruction, angled to the west:

The plan (pera few notices sent out in January) is to wrap up construction by around October of 2018.

Images: Swamplot inbox (photos); Philip Johnson/Alan Ritchie Architects (renderings)

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  • Greek Fest has been very profitable it seems.

  • My reaction: PO’d about the exception made to setback rules and the tree cut down at that intersection.

  • Does the dome shape get better telepathic communication signal to the Magical Jewish Carpenter Zombie?

  • yes, the 60 year old oak trees were destroyed in the process. sad very sad,

  • Wow, they are finally getting around to building this thing. I first saw their renderings for it exhibited at a Greek Fest at least 15 years ago, maybe closer to 20. I remember the dome especially. As the years went by and nothing happened, I thought perhaps I had imagined the dome. When UST built their Philip Johnson-designed Chapel of St. Basil with its dome in 2007, I started to wonder whether maybe the plans I had seen were for UST and not for AOC. Good to see it’s finally getting built. The interior of the existing chapel is amazing. I imagine the updated chapel will be even more so.
    Sad for the trees, though. I used to walk by them at night. I wonder whether they will move the commemorative plaques that marked the trees as honoring certain persons?