Sand Dollar Thrift Nears Houston Extinction

A sign spotted up on the chain’s East End location (pictured at top) by a thrifty Redditor informs customers that the last 2 Sand Dollar stores will be closing at the end of this month, bringing an end to the retailer’s 37-year run. Both the 7018 Harrisburg Blvd. and 1903 Yale St. stores are now in clearance mode: All purchases over $20 (before tax) are half-off.

Down in Pasadena, the 2535 Spencer Hwy. store has already been emptied:


It shuttered earlier this year.

Photos: Sand Dollar Thrift

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  • Vaya con Dios, Sand Dollar. The shop on Yale, funky though it is, has been the best place to get children’s play clothes. When the kids needed a specific color shirt for a school play, some jeans to replace they ones they suddenly outgrew, or a warm jacket for the few weeks of the year one is actually needed, the Tots and Children sections had everything set out by style, color and size, at a great price. Let’s see how many ice cream shops go up on its footprint once the building is torn down.

  • anybody have any idea what is coming to this block? prime location that will get a lot of traffic once the Waterworks development opens.

  • What a bummer, one of my routine destinations in the old Stinkadena days. Hope that Armadillo place is still going strong out there.

  • I will mourn the loss for years to come…. There was a crew taking core samples in the parking lot earlier this year, but now it has a lease sign up. Hopefully a Luby’s cafeteria will open up in its place. Or a yarn store.