Sandbagging in Meyerland

SANDBAGGING IN MEYERLAND What kind of person would pay close to $5,000 to have 18,000 pounds of sandbags delivered and installed in a low stack in front of a 5-ft.-high waterproofing barrier surrounding her home? The owner of a Meyerland single-story 4-bedroom (pictured above) 1 block south of Brays Bayou that flooded “for the first time” in the Memorial Day deluge of 2015 (according to a real estate listing of that year) and then twice more in the past year or so. “This may not even work,” Kristin Massey tells Houston Public Media’s Marissa Cummings. “It’s just an effort to hope that it will.” Massey says she would have installed more sandbags if more had been available: “I would have liked to have gone higher than 11 inches, but I have about half or a third of what I need.” [Houston Public Media] Photo: Houston Public Media  

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  • Great business model for a once a year use. I wonder what kind of guarentee they give with it

  • I am hopeful it works. save yourself, don’t wait for the city. It’s maddening but they aint in no rush over there.

  • I wonder how much it would cost taxpayers for FEMA to buy all of Meyerland and turn it into a retention pond. Make it official, in other words.

  • Can you please post an update on this, I’d really like to know if this worked. As peculiar as it maybe, if it’s effective, it’s much cheaper to do something like this than risk close to a 100K in damages.

  • Just saw on Channel 13 that the house flooded. Heartbreaking to hear –would’ve been genius if it worked.

  • Kristin;s house is on Braesvalley Dr., which is one block south of brays Bayou. She’ll flood. Guaranteed. I grew up in Meyerland in the 60-70’s. Each time we got a heavy rain ,the water rose closer to our house. Thankfully Mom sold the house and moved to a mid rise building. I feel so bad for everyone who has lost their lives and homes. Mayor Turner should have IMMEDIATELY issued an OFFICIAL evacuation order for the southern /eastern portions of the City of Houston , along with the Mayors of all the cities in South and East Harris and adjoining cities. The Governor should have ordered DPS and the Texas Guard to roll out ASAP to control traffic during the evacuation. And our US Congressional officials should be passing EMERGENCY AID bills NOW. Not hog camera time and play petty politics. People have DIED. People have lost everything and these A**HOLE officials are are posturing and droning on instead of rolling out their supposedly ready to go relief plans. We’ll see out inept the recovery turns out.

  • typo: we’ll see HOW inept….

  • Luz,

    Thank you for the update, so sorry to hear that.