Say Hello to the Newest Building on Lyons Ave.

Architect and townhome builder Parra Design Group is showing off its almost-complete new headquarters building at 4619 Lyons Ave. in the Fifth Ward. The 7,815-sq.-ft. office-warehouse complex sits on the corner of Lyons and Schweikhardt St. The firm’s offices are on the 1,500-sq.-ft. second floor. (That’s Camilo Parra doing his scale-figure impression on the balcony in the photo above.)

No other tenants are in the building yet. A statement from the firm, which moved its offices from Rice Military, indicates that the building’s double-height atrium space will be made available to the new building’s neighbors for “meetings and other activities.”

A 2-story brick section fronts Lyons Ave. A view from the Schweikhardt side shows the back portion of the building, a larger single-story warehouse-style space that Parra will use as a work area and to store building materials and supplies:


A garage-style entrance to that space fronts the curb-cut on the right. To the right of the camera, a parking lot with an entrance off New Orleans St. lines Schweikhardt.

Photos: Paul Hester

Fifth Ward

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  • Looks great. Almost looks like zero building line, but I assume the city made them set it back 5-ft.

  • I live in the area and have been watching this builder for a while. I like the way the building blends in with many others on Lyons Ave and looks very classy. This company is building tons in the neighborhood off of Lyons between Waco and Lockwood, but you don’t see it from the freeway so a lot of people probably don’t even know how many new homes are being built around this area of 5th ward. The area they build in is actually not the area that has all the foot traffic and poverty. There are pockets of nice and pockets of bad around here and sometimes its just a few blocks between them.

  • Smart guy. It’s a good move for an architect to own their own building and have some rental space for tenants.

  • The power and telephone lines add a nice touch.

  • The project received a variance from the Houston Planning Commission for a 6′ BL along Lyons, in place of the ordinance required 25′, back in December of 2015.

    Anyways, the building looks beautiful. Bravo!

  • He is investing very well into the neighborhood and making some great affordable townhomes for first time home buyers and urban pioneers.

  • This is awesome for our community!

  • Please come to the other side Liberty Rd Russell area this area is over due for a face lift. Trying to get our side of 5 th Ward French Town side improved!
    Any Consideration would be appreciated!!!!