Saying Goodbye to the Loop Bus Route; Going Carless in Houston


Photo of The Treehouse at Memorial City: elnina via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • On one hand Chris Sims is right there are plenty of people who are not affected by stock market fluctuations or oil prices, but we always overestimate the number of such people as it comes to high end real estate market. Furthermore, Houston is still a single home culture, full service building is not all that attractive, especially with ridiculously high monthly maintenance fees, there are plenty of very high priced towers that have struggled for years to fill up (cheaper ones fill up with yuppies and Mexican drug money, errr investor visa purchases).

    I’ve known Chris through the industry for a decade and his business model, the real reason he’s putting that thing up is because he got the financing just in time and he will make a boatload of money up front through loaded soft costs draws and front-loaded draw schedule. (we all do it)

  • Re “Saying goodbye to Houston’s other loop”, David Collins isn’t really covering any new ground (except that tomorrow is the last day of the route). Claudia Feldman did the same story about riding the 26/27 all the way around back in 2008:

  • Re: City Seeks Public Comment on First “General Plan”
    After reading the short Chronicle piece on it, I clicked on the link that opens the document. Talk about a fluff piece. Thirty pages of blather. I’m afraid that I’ll have to admit agreeing with some quoted City Council members who called it “amorphous” and some of the core directives “wishes and theories”.
    What is more astounding is that it took 30 people to come up with this claptrap. Show me the list of the participants and I’ll show you 30 people who don’t have enough to do in their regular job.