Scenes from a Demolition: Wilshire Village on the Outs

A few of the Wilshire Village apartment buildings have been leveled already. A Swamplot reader sends in a few photos from the scene near the corner of Dunlavy and West Alabama, taken this weekend and earlier today:


Photos: Robert Boyd (top), Swamplot inbox (all others)

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  • So, does anyone know what kind of development will take over this property? I remember seeing a lot of speculation when the demo was announced but hadn’t heard what might go there.

  • Rats, is all that oak flooring going to be toothpicks?

  • What a waste.

    I saw some guys “deconstruct” a garage behind a house on Marshall a couple weeks back.

    It came apart piece by piece, same way as it was built, and went away neatly stacked on a trailer.

  • Welcome to Houston Texas, World Capital of Half Ass.

  • No, no, that’s World Capital of Property Rights at All Costs!

  • They should have let people go in and deconstruct it before they tore it down.

  • From Victor B:
    They should have let people go in and deconstruct it before they tore it down.

    I’m sure if you had offered them enough money they would have let you.

  • From what I heard they DID allow someone from a shop the specializes in reusing old materials come in an take out some of the wood floors. It’s a shame about all that old metalwork though.

  • One valuable lesson has been learned from all of this. When dealing with uncooperative partners and uncooperative tenants, just call the friendly folks at City Hall and let them send the fire marshal out to just condemn the property.

  • Yep, the one word that sums this up is WASTE. Shame on them.