Scott Gertner’s Newest Sky Bar Is Now Going Up on Top of Houston Pavilions

Looking down onto the roof of the couple-month-old Scott Gertner’s venue downtown, you can see the steel parts of the new rooftop bar soon to be made into a pavilion . . . atop Houston Pavilions. A reader sends this photo of the scene, taken from the Pavilions office tower. At the top left of the photo is the intersection of Fannin and Dallas:

The blue box area located in the middle of the set beams has been there since they started construction for roof access (It used to have the words “No Step” on it). We’ve seen construction workers go in and out of it since then. Most of this work was done last Friday and over the weekend. I’m guessing because of the steel beams they had to close off part of the street to crane it up there.

That’s a good guess, judging from this photo posted on the bar’s Facebook page on Sunday:


Also planned for the roof: an open-air terrace. Scott Gertner’s at Houston Pavilions, at 1201 Fannin St., is directly above BCBG, which is directly above McCormick and Schmick’s. The third-floor space adjacent to the nightclub (underneath the roof to the right in the top photo) is vacant.

Photos: Swamplot inbox (roof); Scott Gertner’s (crane)

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  • great…now even more noise to listen to when I am trying to sleep…

  • This is good news for Pavilions and potentially downtown. If Scott can pull his former crowd he had at the Montrose location, he should be good.

    The only probably I see is potentially parking costs for patrons. The previous location had good parking and was easily walkable to many other Montrose favorites in nightlife and food.

    A positive is that Lucky Strike crowds and House of Blues crowds could stop by before or after events and parties.

  • Not exactly a Skybar at 3 stories but the open-air terrace is cool and should help turn the Pavilions into a ripple in the placid pond that is downtown after hours.

  • Daniel, why in the world would you live downtown if you like peace and quiet??

    Come on, Man. Move to a neighborhood if you want to hear birds chirpin’ and kids playing outside.

  • “great…now even more noise to listen to when I am trying to sleep…”
    Noise in downtown….imagine that! :)

  • LOL @ complaining about noise in downtown. I live at Post Midtown Square and pretty much expected to hear a lot of noise when living in the city.

    I’m glad to see Scott Gerner’s place doing well. This will definitely help add more life to downtown in that area. Hopefully we see more retail and nightlife destinations in the near future.

  • So… does this place actually play jazz and creative music like it advertised, or is it still crappy R&B pop? Glad it got out of Montrose, didn’t belong here.

  • Downtown noise and crappy hip hop club music are two very different things! A few weeks ago people from the club were having sex on a car! Not really the neighborhood we all signed on for. HOB are great neighbors, Toyota Center and smaller clubs/venues downtown respect their residential neighbors. Hopefully the open air terrace will have guidlines for noise and will not have music being pipped out into space. Having our windows rattling a block away is too much even for the most urban of us.

  • I have lived in downtown for over 7 years. So yes I am aware of living with noise. However when the noise is shaking your windows and moving your bed… there is an issue. I do have thick blackout curtains and ear plugs for when they were building the pavilions and I slept like a baby. But ear plugs can’t stop you from feeling the base. That is the issue I am having. I haven’t complained yet to the police but I guess I need to start. I have talke to Scott himself and he has done a few things to control the noise, but you can still hear it and feel it.

    And even if I do live downtown it doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy peace and quiet just like everyone else.

  • You could move to the Woodlands if you don’t like noise.

  • crappy R&B pop…crappy hip hop club music…so, not really about the noise…about the type of noise and i guess to some folks, black noise is much louder than good old wholesome white noise

  • @sergio exactly it’s not about the noise at all it’s about it being hip hop, pop, and RnB. SMH just when you thought we made progress . . .

  • first of all that noise is not coming from Scott Gertners, house of blues is pretty dang loud. i have been to the club and it isn’t only hip hop. I have heard All music Thursday it is salsa and Friday its about live music and Saturdays its about both DJ and live music. Don’t knock it till you try it

  • First of all, thank you to for making my new venue news-worthy. All I am trying to do is offer a beautiful upscale entertainment experience, not offend nor disturb. This unique rooftop is to showcase how really beautiful downtown Houston is and make it an evening destination for both locals and the many tourists that visit every year. The Pavilions is an oasis amongst downtown. it’s safe, self-contained with shops, restaurants and parking is convienent and inexpensive. I’m happy to have moved Scott Gertner’s at Houston Pavilions to one of the most beatiful parts of town.

  • It’s the bass that’s the problem. Windows rattling is not an acceptable level of noise. This isn’t a race issue in the least. It’s offensive to me that that’s even part of this discussion. “crappy hip hop” was directed at the overused derivative bass line & not some social commentary. Come sleep in our building on the south facing side & tell me it’s acceptable. I’ve never once heard HOB from a block away. Or the Toyota Center for that matter. Even open air concerts at Discovery Green aren’t rattling windows & going until 2am.

  • Tracey, unfortunately some people will jump to pull the race card for any reason.

    I’m sorry that we do not enjoy R&B and Hip-hop, I should be free to think it’s crappy! I don’t like Country music either. It all blows. I’m all for rock and techno/dance, and that’s now lacking in Houston, which is why I don’t go out much anymore.

  • @jenn & tracey It’s not a problem that you don’t like it that’s fine. The problem is the adjectives that you used to describe the music which is a problem and comes off as racist. Why didn’t you just say the music is to loud you went out of your way to point out one genre of music and then degradeD it with adjectives. Why didn’t the venue belong in Montrose ? Last time I checked any venue can open up anywhere it wants in town. I guess you didn’t want the crowd that listend to hip hop in the Montrose are . . . Seems pretty racist to me. It’s really hilarious considering the racial an economic mix that makes Montrose such a great place to live. Also what do you mean it’s not the neighborhood you signed up for come on its downtown all of the clubs on main are hip hop and RnB clubs and they have been that way for a while and come on your complaining about people having sex on a car when there are homeless people walking around doing all kinds of things. I mean come on its downtown that’s why you move to downtown for the excitement.