Second Multistory Medical Office To Join the Hike & Bike Scenery at W. 11th St.

801 W. 11th St., Houston Heights, Houston, 77008
Here’s a ghost-dotted sketch of what may soon inhabit that empty lot at the northwest corner of W. 11th and Nicholson streets; Adolfo Pesquera notes over on VBX that the project’s developers may break ground soon. (That’s both figuratively and literally — there’s a fair bit of concrete and asphalt removal involved in the job.) The medical-themed project is catty-corner from the 2-story building already housing the Heights Clinic (along with a Stewart Title office). There should be some kind of grassy buffer between the 31,010-sq.-ft. building and and the rail-turned-trail Heights hike & bike path running along Nicholson to the east, as well as a bit of open to the west toward recently opened Presidio:


911 W. 11th St., Houston Heights, Houston, 77008

Presidio itself, which has taken over the building from which Java Java Cafe previously decamped, sits across from Morelos Auto Repair (located where Chana’s House of Pottery and Things had a couple-year run, back at the turn of the decade). Down 11th in the other direction, past a handful of townhouses, Hoity Toity Pet Grooming & Daycare faces off with gas-station-turned-car-dealership The Station. 

Images: Kaim Associates Inc. (rendering), John F. (photo)

Doctoring Heights

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  • Can this help subsidize a crosswalk signal at 11th and Nicholson like they have at 7th and Yale? Further, let’s make the whole stretch of 11th between Shepherd and Studewood one lane either way with metered parking on either side. Anyone with me?

  • i’m with you George! let’s do that on Yale also, just with no parking during peak times, 7a-9a & 4p-6p, to allow traffic flow at heavy times, and parking in the evenings at at lunch. the pavement is already there, let’s just schedule its use better!

  • So beautiful and really sensitive to the historic Heights architecture….NOT!

  • Uhhhh, “historic Heights architecture” on 11th Street? Most of the street from Studewood to Shepherd doesn’t look very historical unless you like some run down buildings with a scattering of newer ones like the Regions Bank and the Kwik Car lube place. At least the trailer park at Allston has moved on. This is an improvement.

  • the whole neighborhood will be townhomes and monolithic megabuildings before we know it. Can’t wait to walk down the street and be engulfed by shadow everywhere I go.

  • Good lord, make 11th AND Yale one lane each way, are y’all nuts? Those are both important arteries for traffic flow, it’s already hard to get out of the neighborhood headed south……look at how backed up Heights Blvd. gets during traffic times, it USED to be 2 lanes each way! Personally I think there should be NO parking on Yale at any time. Just wait until the new businesses open where the post office was, 11th between Heights and Yale will be a bottleneck!