Second Quadruple Shipping Container Duplex Getting Wrapped Up on Lehall St.

3622 Lehall St., South Union, Houston, 77021

3802 Lehall St., South Union, Houston, 77021The front is up on the shipping-container-containing duplex under construction now at 3622 Lehall St. between Tierwester and Scott. The box-based structure is similar to builder Krieger Containers’s first such project (down the street at 3802 Lehall); both buildings consist of 2 separate 2-bed 2-bath units framed around 2 steel containers each. The company claims on its website that the model can beat ‘any general contractor in Houston’ on a cost-per-sq.-ft. basis.

Back in September, company founder and steel box aficionado Sean Krieger spoke with Nancy Sarnoff about plans to built dozens more container houses in the South Union neighborhood over the next few years, aiming to draw students and young professionals. Krieger now tells ABC13 that the project underway at 3622 Lehall has faced abnormal scrutiny from city inspectors and officials, recently including a heated verbal exchange on site with District D councilman Dwight Boykins (who also spoke to ABC13 about the incident after Krieger sent them a recording).

The floorplan above shows the layout of the downstairs unit of completed 3802 Lehall; the bathrooms, bedrooms, and closets fit within the footprint of the shipping containers, which flank a central living space. Here are some shots of the inside, both during and after construction:


3802 Lehall St., South Union, Houston, 77021

The view below was captured after the facade was constructed, but before final exterior finishing:

3802 Lehall St., South Union, Houston, 77021

And with the exterior wrapped up:

3802 Lehall St., South Union, Houston, 77021

Here’s the central living room and kitchen, with exposed shipping container walls:

3802 Lehall St., South Union, Houston, 77021

Here’s a look in one of the bedrooms — the wall shared with the living room is exposed container, but the outer wall has been further finished:

3802 Lehall St., South Union, Houston, 77021

A view of the bathroom: 

3802 Lehall St., South Union, Houston, 77021

Photos: Krieger Containers via Imgur (photos); HAR (floor plan)

Checking All the Boxes

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  • I dig this!

  • Want a home with terrible wi-fi and cell phone signals? Build this!

  • FYI, There is quite a thread running over on Reddit /r/Houston about his ongoing dealings with Boykins.

  • I’m not seeing gentrification here, with the exception of the bathroom, the design of the place has the appearance and charm of low-income housing.
    Does the developer guy think he’s going to get yuppies in there? I like container architecture, but this design is just wacky.

  • Interesting concept. But did anyone notice that the bedrooms are really narrow, only 7 feet wide. Forget king-sized beds (which are about 76″ wide). Should make room arrangement a very interesting challenge. :-)

  • Please get an architect before you build more of these abominations! Good design will help you sell and keep us from having to see crap like this.


  • I have to wonder if after purchase of the containers, transport, retrofitting, etc., if wood framing would’ve been cheaper. The metal walls look cool and all, but in the end you have 7′ wide bedrooms and low ceilings.

  • That central living room and kitchen is dark and dreary

  • The house would look much better with the stairs at the back or one of the sides. At least paint the staircase to match the home’s colors.

    Since Reddit was mentioned, here’s a link to the discussion thread:

  • What is Dwight’s position on it? Is he against it? I think the exterior looks good — the interior is not my style. @Triton — my townhouse in the city has radiant barrier and that does plenty to ruin my cell phone signal.

  • Yeah, if it were me I’d upgrade the kitchen and ceiling fan to make it a bit more consistent with the style of the bathroom. That’s a very superficial off-the-shelf change that could have an out-sized impact. Otherwise, if the price is right (???) then it looks well enough to me. The bathrooms have doors, so placement of a bed isn’t such a difficult thing.

  • Not at all appealing. Are these targeted to low income housing? Cannot imagine a 7′ wide bedroom and the living area looks like a cave.

  • Anyone have an idea what the construction cost is on a per square foot basis?

  • Coincidentally, 7 feet is the minimum horizontal dimension allowed for a habitable room under the International Residential Code.

  • @ rgrhourgr: Developer said in a Reddit comment: “We are building 2,720 sqft houses and will be selling for $200,000 each. That’s a 5 bed 4 bath, inside the loop, on a 5,000 sqft lot, with a 360 sqft master bedroom for $200,000.”
    Personally, I like the living area. Its massively open. If you’re at all creative then you can do amazing things with your own light fixtures. Great for parties or for having lots of kids! Or one could probably sleep a dozen undocumented immigrants very comfortably.

  • Isn’t it a duplex? If so then the builder is asking 200k per unit? Just asking. I think you’re car will get the once over in that hood without secure parking.

  • Also, that would mean each duplex is either 275k or 137k. Again, no judgement, just asking.

  • Sean Krieger of kriegercontainers IS NOT building quality duplexes in South Union. He has admitted to using cheap materials and lacking experience relevant to building container houses. He has referred to the neighborhood as the “hood” to justify cutting corners and use of cheap materials, as well as, stated the residents are “poor” and “uneducated.” His main goal is to establish a monthly cash-flow via Section 8 pending a buyer. He has NEVER lived in a container house. From the onset, he has caused problems with the residents, City of Houston’s elected officials, COH’s personnel, etc. He rely on the media and the internet to cast blame on everyone but himself. Krieger refuses to answer residents’ questions or provide any documentation regarding safety and health-related issues applicable to the used containers.

  • Definitely a one-sided story. Krieger has not endured any scrutiny that he did not deserve or create. He has made racist and unwarranted remarks about Councilman Boykins and residents of South Unioin. He is a race-baiter. Councilman Boykins is the elected official for South Union; therefore, we (residents of S.U.) have a right to contact Councilman Boykins and others if we have an issue that is relative to our well-being. Krieger is notorious about using the media to make himself appear as a victim. Shame on the author of this article for accepting Krieger’s stance and creating such a one-sided article. You failed to ask Krieger why did he secretively record Councilman Boykins, as oppose to, being forthcoming with his action. Krieger started recording only after making a statement and Councilman Boykins responded-I witnessed the event, as well as, other residents. If you listen to the recording, it’s evident that it did not occur from the beginning. He held onto the recording for almost a month and never made mention of it until he was informed to stop trespassing on residents’ property. Krieger has referred to Councilman Boykins and the residents with racist remarks, including referring to us as “poor, uneducated pieces of sh*t.” Krieger is using toxic and contaminated used containers to fulfill his hobby and make money from property-tax funds of the same individuals that he vilifies. I encourage all residents of South Union to continue with our quest to live in a safe and enjoyable neighborhood. WE MUST continue to make Sean Krieger accountable for his deplorable actions. WE ARE HUMANS NOT ANIMALS!!! SEAN KRIEGER, WE ARE NOT “POOR, UNEDUCATED PIECES OF SH*t.”