Secret Underground Games: The White House by Memorial Park

Longtime Swamplot readers may remember Richard Maier as the listing agent who advertised his own Talbott Wilson modern as a freebie that just happened to come with the 1.35-acre lot on Glencove St. he was selling. (The pitch was successful, luring buyer David Mincberg and later, a demolition crew.) Michael X. Flynn was the designer and contractor responsible for transforming a small Upper Kirby office building into this little villa of vaguely Corbusian pleasures. (That one’s still on the market.) Now they’ve put their own little uh, white house on the market. The pair moved into 26 Crestwood Dr. a few years ago, though they previously owned the 2 properties that flank it. All 3 mansions share a gated driveway that faces directly into the southern reaches of Memorial Park.

Now’s your chance to peek around what they’re leaving — the scene of that Annise Parker fundraiser you missed:


The property measures just under an acre, and comes with this little 9,000-sq.-ft. playhouse:

Hidden in the library pictured above: A “secret door” that leads to an underground “game” room. Which bookcase could it be? Also lurking down there: wine storage, a media center, and a 4-car garage.

In all: 4 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. Asking price: $7 million.

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  • Sad, the Talbot Wilson house and landscape was so much nicer.

  • Now THAT is a teardown.

  • I have to admit I like that kitchen! That’s about it though.

  • if only money could buy good taste

  • That kitchen looks like it belongs on the Real Housewives of New Jersey. The only design element in this house is “size.”

  • A four-car garage *under* the house? That close to the bayou? Ooooo, smart.

  • You guys had me confused with all of this kitchen talk. I had to go to the HAR listing (SHOUT OUT to the agent! If I’ve got $10 mil in the sock drawer, don’t yell at me) to see the big pictures of casa blanca. I thought the “kitchen” was the holding area for the caskets before they load ’em onto the hearse. Oh, well. Charming place. Looks real lived in, kinda.

  • Opulence. I has it.

  • Keep it. I would have MUCH rather had the Mod they demolished. Now that was a fabulous home. This one, not so much.

  • Sorry, it isn’t quite River Oaks, is it.

    Way to destroy a unique property.

  • Love the blackamoors. So, well, those two are definitely not two people I want to have anything to do with. Not that I ever did.

    So did they hide the blackamoors during the Annise Parker fundraisers or were they just careful about who they invited?