Seen from the Street: Sunset, Sunrise

“I like how this view makes it look like Fiesta is exploding,” writes engineer and Metro board member Christof Spieler of this photo he snapped last night at dusk. No fire clouds are expected, but the Montrose Fiesta Mart will be closing for good on July 15th — to make way for a Finger Companies apartment complex on the site. Spieler’s photo was taken from the shelter of the half-year-old H-E-B across Dunlavy, just south of West Alabama.

More building-turnover photo fun:


Here, a couple of young neighbors watch this month’s demo of 1216 Bomar St. in Hyde Park — from a safe distance:

And artist Patrick Feller pressed his camera to the front window to get this shot of renovations going on in the former Houston Light Guard Armory building at 3816 Caroline St., just south of the HCC Central College campus in Lower Midtown:

The building is being outfitted as the new home of the Buffalo Soldiers National Museum.

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Photos: Christof Spieler (Fiesta), Swamplot inbox (Bomar), Patrick Feller (Armory; license)

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  • Ha love that! Can’t wait to see that ugly building go away!

  • never understand the “ugly building” comments. yes, it’s nothing like the HEB, but i used to be able to drive down Alabama admiring the neighborhood as all the storefronts, and the Fiesta lot being the biggest, easily slide out of view and allow you to admire the neighborhood. it may an old lot, but it was very indiscreet as it looked like any of the other hu8ndreds of small old and indiscreet lots that make up the houston terrain. the HEB is a beautiful big hulking eye attraction. i don’t even notice the neighborhoods off Alabama anymore, just the massive potholes, huge grocery store in the distance and remnants of the dunlavy traffic. the Feista may be old, but so is the neighborhood and it fit much much better.

    however, let’s tear it down and thank god for an increasing tax base.