Seen on the Street: Blown Away

Van Missing Letters, Houston

A few fun — and not-so-fun — sights around town: First, Houston visitor Mike Smith’s photo shows some of the few letters left after Ike’s attack.

More hurricane photo souvenirs below!


Drywall deliveries in Seabrook:

Drywall Delivery, Seabrook, Texas

Reconstructing the McGuire family kitchen in Spring:

Rebuilding the Kitchen after Hurricane Ike, McGuire House, Spring, Texas

Some roof sheep on Westheimer near Hazard, captured by Pankaj:

Sheep on Roof, Westheimer near Hazard St., Houston

A photo by Karen Morris of a willful but downed tree at Mercer Arboretum:

Tree Down at Mercer Arboretum, Houston

Jason’s portrait of the aftermath of a “lovers’ quarrel” on the I-10 feeder:

Blood on the I-10 Feeder Road, Houston

And Pankaj’s photo of a shelter by the side of the Katy Freeway:

Box Used as Shelter Near I-10, Houston

Photos: Flickr users Mike Smith (van) and Lori (drywall), Kymberlie R. McGuire (kitchen), Pankaj (sheep and I-10 home), Karen Morris (tree; license), and Jason (accident scene)

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