Seen on the Street: Houston in the Machine Age

In this episode: Katy Freeway anthill mover, moon-unit coffee, and that robot on the porch.

What’s this special delivery rushing down I-10?


What you thought it was — snapped by cameraphone-wielding stuntdriver Pankaj.

Meanwhile, the driver of NASA’s Lunar Electric Rover stops in the middle of Discovery Green Downtown to look up some directions. Andrew Burleson of NeoHouston takes the opportunity to record this view, showing a “critical piece of equipment” inside:

And last: Home in the Heights blogger Kelley catches a neighbor’s family robot taking a break from housework — on a Woodland Heights front porch.

Photos: Pankaj (Tonka truck); Andrew Burleson (LER); Kelley (robot)

One Comment

  • Only one cupholder? And one clearly not capable of holding a big gulp at that! How many astronauts does this tthing fit? I can only assume this points to the involvement of Europeans. Any US vehicle designer would have devoted far more thought to the cupholder provision.