Seen on the Street: How Hot Is It Out There, Really?

Too hot for the squirrels, apparently.

This latest edition of Seen on the Street sticks close to the pavement. First up: Artist David Cook snaps this hot photo of . . . no, that’s not an egg frying on Kirby. Just a street button with . . . culinary aspirations?

What’s more to see around town when you keep your head down?


A foundation connected with Venezuelan artist Carlos Cruz-Diez designed markings for 5 crosswalks on Main St. at Binz, across from the Museum of Fine Arts — in advance of Sunday’s opening of a new exhibition featuring the museum’s permanent collection of Latin American art.

And . . . they’re street legal! The actual painters are from street-painting company Striping Unlimited, supervised by W.S. Bellows Construction:

All of the crosswalks will have 12-inch-wide white, reflective stripes incorporated into the design, as required by transportation laws.

And last, from the Heights Blog: How to save the squirrels. A sad photo from yet another squirrel crime scene in the Heights, this one near the 800 block of Harvard:

Photos: Robert Cook (Kirby street button); Twitpic user erinen31 (crosswalk closeups, via Katharine Shilcutt); Matthew Lawson/Museum of Fine Arts Houston (crosswalk aerial views); Heights Blog (squirrel outlines)

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  • HAHA,

    Love the squirrel outline.

    Outside of rats, squirrels are one of the few animals that need humans to thrive. With no human presence, squirrel population decline. The more urban the better. Central Park in Manhattan has the largest population density of any known squirrel population in the world.

  • I was wondering about those new crosswalks at Main/Binz! Drive through that intersection every day. Thanks!

  • +1 on the crosswalks. I was wondering if it was something like that.

  • Yes! Thank you so much for posting these. Houston street art is taking a beating from the city’s anti-graffiti campaign. It is good to see public works go up like this.

    R.I.P. squirrels.

  • Poor squirrels! A double sciurucide…

  • From kjb434:
    Outside of rats, squirrels are one of the few animals that need humans to thrive.

    Inside of rats, it’s very very dark.

    [apologies to Groucho]