Seen on the Street: Need To Get Out More Often

Here’s the latest installment of Swamplot’s fun-pix-from-around-town feature!

Above: While visiting last weekend’s Gulf Coast Green symposium and expo at the Reliant Center, Sean Morrissey Carroll catches the Astrodome peeking in on the action.

A few more images loom:


From earlier in the week, Carroll finds one of Emily Sloan’s Houston Lamp Project installations casting a muted glow into the Blaffer Gallery courtyard at UH:

Meanwhile, stay-at-home nature photographer Jay Lee decides to document the third visit by a group of bees to his front window.

They’re . . . gone now . . .

The new Lake Plaza at Hermann Park opened this weekend. Andrew Burleson shares his photos, including this view of the new pedal boat house . . . and a few comments:

The new stuff is pretty cool! I’m not a huge fan of the toy train, but it’s definitely popular. The paddle boats area has been significantly improved, and the “Tiffany & Co. Bridge” is a very nice addition. The biggest improvement overall has to be the connection between the park and the zoo. Whereas before this seemed an afterthought, there’s now a prominent, well designed gateway that links the two.

Fade out on this scene of an early-evening outing under the Waugh bridge on Allen Parkway, filmed late last month:

Videographer Jonathan reports:

The best part was that under the bridge there were some people in canoes, right as the bats took flight. They were getting, well, pooped on like crazy. They didn’t seem too pleased about that, which is understandable, but it was pretty amusing for the rest of us.

Photos: Sean Morrissey Carroll (Astrodome and lamp); Jay Lee (bees); Andrew Burleson (Hermann Park). Bat video: Jonathan

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