Senior Living Construction Crews Now Digging Themselves Into a Giant Hole on Buffalo Spdwy.

The more-or-less repeating window patterns on the backs of the Buffalo Manor townhomes are currently on display as digging continues at 9339 Buffalo Spwdy. this week. That’s where Dallas-based developer Tradition Senior Living is setting up a 316-unit facility (about a quarter mile from the other senior living facility planned in the area, though this one doesn’t seem to have gotten a sharp-toothed cartoon avatar). All that dirt, once scooped, appears to be slated for a U-shaped mound on the segment of the irregularly-shaped property that reaches toward Main St., if this diagram of the site spotted by a reader is still up to date:


The site is partially hemmed in to the south by the Main-facing Public Storage facility:

Across Buffalo Spdwy., the convenience store at the corner with Durhill St. has just about finished its Valero conversion, though pumps were still absent as of the start of the week:

Excavators were spotted all around the large depression on the 12-acre site — here’s a shot of several atop their respective rubble piles: 

Other heavy machines have been making group appearances nearby, as well:

Photos: Swamplot inbox

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