Setting Sail from Beer Island

A self-proclaimed “loyal reader from the First Ward” ventures into Woodland Heights to snap and send this photo documenting construction taking place at the former gas station at 2631 White Oak — home most recently to Beer Island — and the continuing transformation of White Oak Dr. When construction is complete, the spot on the corner of Studewood will become the 5th Houston location of Little Woodrow’s.

Photo: Swamplot inbox

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  • Little Woodrows does know there is a Christians right down the street right? There are only so many douchebags to go around people!

  • This situation is probably not as poetic, but the same basic scenario (including elements of the original clientele of the vacating bar) was dramatized in the famous Southpark episode, a la ‘300’ style.

    I know it was not the case here at all, but I still giggle hoping it was…

  • “..the Washingtonification of White Oak Dr.”


  • I spent many an afternoon/evening and many a dollar at Beer Island and I’ll miss, but it was like they were almost trying to make it a dump. Sad to see Beer Island go, but excited about Woodrows. Hopefully it will be more like the Midtown location and less like the East End location.

  • whats the east end location like? never been

  • Come on….there’s no comparing the douches on Washington to White Oak. Not yet anyway…

  • No kidding. Woodrow’s is a neighborhood bar. They won’t have a bouncer with a clipboard and velvet ropes.

  • @Josh……It’s a freakin icehouse dude. Would you rather an Emo’s Houston? You need to go one size up on yer skinny jeans bro.

  • …looks like the Public House Heights down the street will be better.

  • Jimmy’s still rules!