Setting Up a New Public Park Thing at the Former Teas Nursery

SETTING UP A NEW PUBLIC PARK THING AT THE FORMER TEAS NURSERY Bellaire’s city council approved an agreement earlier this week that makes the future of the 5-acre property that used to be Teas Nursery a little more clear: It’ll be some sort of public space, but the exact details will be worked out by a new conservancy, with input from the public. A foundation controlled by two Bellaire brothers bought the property at 4400 Bellaire Blvd. late last year — after the nursery’s owners announced plans to sell it off piece by piece to homebuilders. The Jerry and Maury Rubenstein Foundation now plans to deed the land to the city. Under the agreement, half of the conservancy’s members will be appointed by the city, and half by the foundation. [Previously on Swamplot]

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  • So when do the McMansions go in? No really? Public space is such a waste of prime red brick box dirt. How ’bout an HEB? Um, a baker’s dozen of new banks?

    I had been going to Teas since I was a kid and even though a lot of the staff over the years seemed of the undead variety, I really like the idea of still being able to walk that property in some capacity without being arrested for trespassing. Nice going, Bellaire and the Rubenstein Foundation.

  • Class act, Rubensteins!

  • Love this!