Shadow Oaks Drive-In Building Showing First Sign of Lazy Oaks Beer Garden

A Swamplot reader sends the photo at top showing new signage up on the eaves of the former Shadow Oaks Drive-In convenience store at Long Point Rd. and Conrad Sauer Dr. in Spring Branch West. And a little bit of zoom reveals what’s now being advertised: a new business called Lazy Oaks Beer Garden. That same moniker has shown up on a number of permits filed on the 10158 Long Point Rd. address over the last 2 months, as well as an application for a TABC license.

Built in 1958, the convenience store remained in the family for nearly 60 years until the death of its second-gen owner, whose estate sold the property last September.

Photo: Swamplox inbox

Spring Branch West

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  • Ugh, gentrification go away

  • Man I lived right behind that old place, you know the house that literally connects to it on Brinwood on that corner. My parents moved in 2001 because the Shadow Oaks Drive In couldn’t keep drunks from pissing over our fence and being loud vagrants. I’m glad they sold the store. My mom used to help out at that store over the years for the folks. I wished my parents could have kept the house. I miss that old house!