Shake Shack Will Be Taking Over Former Burger King Drive-Thru on Westheimer at Montrose

Shake Shack has taken over the lease on the building Burger King left last month at the corner of Westheimer and Lincoln, a block west of Montrose. The fast-casual restaurant with 2 current Houston locations and one in the works signed off last week on at least a 15-year residency at 1002 Westheimer, next to Blacksmith. Behind the soon-to-be re-burgerized building’s frontage on Westheimer — shown above — a parking lot backs up to California St. along Lincoln.

Photo: MontroseResident

Fast Food Turnover

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  • All the homeless that are sleeping there will be thrilled! Woo hoo!

  • I smell a concept getting over-saturated. They lost me at “park at the Galleria and go inside for a burger…”

  • People on the go need to not throw fast food trash out of their car windows. Something about fast food and litter. You get what you pay for. Fast food is classy!

  • Wow, that’s $$$$ re. Cant’ believe burger king finally gave it up.

  • Hope they put a fence really quick around it while they start construction.

  • so that whopper meal just doubled in price, huh

  • As a former patron of that closed Burger King, I cannot imagine how a pricier burger option (aka Shake Shack) is going to make a go at it there. The McDonalds is a few blocks to the west, the Jack in the Box is near the Kroger a few blocks south on Montrose, and the Burger Joint is on the northeast side of the Montrose/Westheimer nexus.

    That’s a lot of burger options for that zone – and I’d think that the Burger Joint would have captured all of the “upscale” burger business. Plus, the homeless will continue to add their “special sauce” to the local atmosphere which doesn’t help the upscale vibe.

    Publicly-traded Shake Shack’s reported earnings today was not rosy – more locations may not be the key to flame-broiling those earnings.

  • Lots of doubt in these comments. I know I’ll eat at this location of Shake Shack with some regularity and I will never eat at the McDonalds or Jack-in-the-box (and never did at the Burger King). Burger Joint is ok but I’d choose Shake Shack over it any day. But I guess that’s just me so speculate away…

  • I don’t see the homeless taking root again, the Shake Shack attracts way too many people, which is actually the first thought I had, I don’t think that place will have enough parking! Not if you judge the patronage from their Galleria location. The folks as BK did not do much to prevent the panhandlers during the day, much less the nightly slumber parties outside on their patio.
    But back to the homeless, I am sure the “sleeping porch” that BK provided, without any planning on their part, will be redone somehow. I saw all the markings on the grounds, and they are going to be making changes according to the sprayed paint I saw on the ground. But there still are a lot of what could be described as ‘undesirables’ in the area. The Shake Shack attracts a better clientele than BK, so maybe Shake Shack will pay more attention when addressing the “stuff” that used to go on there at BK.

  • Why eat at Shake Shack when Hay Merchant has THE best burger in town!

  • Better than burger king , but overhyped (priced) food

  • Why do Houstonian’s eat so much fast food!?

  • Finally a Shake Shack I can get to without undue navigation hazards.

  • Swifty Difty asked: “Why do Houstonians eat so much fast food?”
    Answer: How else are we going to defend our obesity crown against all comers?

  • If it doesn’t have a drive thru it’s not fast food

  • I grade Shake Shack a big, over-hyped “Eh…”.

    If the burger was bigger I’d be more inclined to say it was kinda worth it, but for the price you pay it’s a bit much.

    For what you pay at SS, I’d rather go to Hop Doddy or Hay Merchant and get a great local craft beer selection to boot.

  • I really liked that burger king, they served a good burger, so shake shack bought the location to kick bk out? As for the area I dont live anywhere near it, im a normal poor folk, I dont think its the best place strategy wise. But being so much food around it , and richer plp then me,I think it should do okay, time will tell.