Shaun Kelley Slims Down

On his Facebook page, Shaun Kelley claims to be just “moving my business.” But abc13 is reporting that the Shaun Kelley Weight Control storefront at San Felipe and Voss shut its doors for good yesterday — shortly after the local fitness guru declared bankruptcy.

An unspecified nearby gym will take on Kelley’s trainers and clients, according to the report. Shaun Kelley Weight Loss Center memberships cost $15,000 a year, though shorter memberships were available.

Kelley gained national attention 2 years ago after the FBI interviewed a former employee to determine if Roger Clemens might have obtained steroids or human growth hormone through Kelley or his clinic. The employee claimed Clemens had met with Kelley at that location, but Kelley claimed Clemens was an acquaintance who had never visited the clinic.

Okay, then. But what about Donald Trump?


From abc13’s report:

Kelley told us a major food company approached him about a joint business venture, and was not interested in the fitness industry. He said he will honor his commitment to clients to help them lose weight, but he’s not refunding any money.

What “major food company” could that be? Kelley was recently named a health & fitness advisor for Donald Trump’s new multi-level marketing uh, venture, the Trump Network. Already, Kelley has begun promoting “premier custom pharmaceutical-grade vitamins” for the organization.

Video of Shaun Kelley Weight Loss Center open house, 2008: CINHouston

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  • “pharmaceutical-grade” That is is your key to never by the product. It’s a made up term that is often used in health supplements (especially for bodybuilders and athletes).

  • HAHAHAHA! Maybe if he spent less on his bright yellow Lamborghini, fake tanner and frosted tips, he could have made his rent payments. Fail at its finest folks.

  • OMG, where will the socialites go now? Certainly NOT to a gym that accepts….uh….the riff raff.

  • Maybe if he wasn’t located at the corner of Fountainview and Voss. HA!

  • I wonder if Shaun Kelley is going to be one of the Real Housewives of Houston? He is gauche enough.

  • There are plenty of other high-end overpriced gyms that the socialites can go to without having to step foot in large lower priced gyms.

    Shaun Kelly wasn’t cornering the market on this in Houston one bit.

  • @kjb: Indeed there ARE other over-priced, chi chi gyms for the socials (The Houstonian or FIT, for example), however Shaun Kelley is the only one who made great efforts to align himself with this particular group and take advantage of their borrowed credibility via his Facebook page, marketing and self-promotional efforts. My comments are known as sarcasm.

  • Oh, the servings of 44-oz. servings of Haterade being served on this web-site!

    So much glee over other’s failures and short-comings. Sounds like a bunch of snippy, cliqueish 8th grade girls to me.

  • @ JP: Just for that, I’m taking my Justin Bieber CD back!

  • JP is right. We should not make these charges of vanity and greed—we can’t prove them. Let’s just stick to the facts.

    I paid for several weeks of personal training that I have not received. I paid a lot of money.
    He filed chapter 7. That’s the one in which you do not have to pay back creditors. He said his overhead was 85,000 a month. How much was he short and for how many months? How much money does he owe to people who will never see a penny? When he signed up those new clients last week, did he know that he was going to file bankruptcy this week? Did he know he would not contact them and make a plan for them to work out at another gym? Did he know last week that he was only doing a “food deal” and not a “gym deal?” Did he tell his new clients that? Did he tell any clients that? Did he tell his staff to lie to me and tell me that they were just moving because the landlord was irrational? I am not gleeful over someone else’s shortcomings. I have paid for his shortcomings. Shaun has made some bad choices that have had extremely negative consequences for many people. He blames the media and haters. Shaun did you do anything wrong? Do you owe me anything? Do you owe anybody anything? Or can you live wrecklessly so that others can pay for your ride? Your actions have caused me harm–does that make ME a hater? I would have preferred to have this discussion in private. If I were in your shoes, I hope I would have been on the phone to every single client (and staff member) with an apology. I would have felt your pain right along with you if you would have called me and given me an honest and sincere apology. WWJD?

  • TB-

    Ulike some of the others in here, it sounds like you have a legitimate beef (bad biz / broken contract) with SK.

  • @TB: It appears that the facts, as they pertain to your situation, strongly support our ‘gleeful speculation.’ I seriously considered joining Kelley’s gym a couple of years ago, minus a socialite status, and even thought about dipping into savings in order to do so. But a quick Google revealed so many bad reviews online about him, the gym, his arrogance toward clients, deceptive pricing and his rude and indifferent trainers as well as actually speaking with other dissatisfied clients, that it ran me off….thank God! Speaking of which, I don’t think Kelley gives a damn about what Jesus would do.

  • very saddened that when i decided to get it al together for myself, this would happen. i feel that he knew that he was in a financial situation at the time that he took my money. i feel that this was deceptive and that he also used others as a part of his deception. i do not feel that the people working for him would have participated in this if they had known. i work very hard for my money and do not appreciate giving it away. this was not a charity situation. i listened to him on the radio. i saw the billboards. my friend started going to the gym and encouraged me. how do i feel? ——. i could have gone somewhere else but i chose to go there. i as a customer expected more. you owe me more than money, sir. i don’t rememeber saying that i am angry. i am. i am damn angry and the more i write the angrier i get. but that is cathartic. as one member said to me yesterday in reference to the gym i am now attending. “YOU’LL GET USE TO IT”. i don’t think so. well, maybe. if i want to. well, i will end this now as i got to get ready to go to the gym. like my trainer as i did the previous one and guess what. we all have to make a living.

  • He didn’t tell me his client that he had closed his doors. Don’t even know where the new gym is either. Got same story, Landlord to expensive. He is in breach of contract. Got the attorney, no longer getting paid the rest I owed him.