Shipshape Restoration in Bayside Terrace

Over in La Porte, a Bayside Terrace home has — a bay-side terrace. The waterfront property has a panoramic view of Upper Galveston Bay and its existing spill islands and wildlife refuge. And that vista just dodged a soggy bullet: On Wednesday the Port of Commission nixed a plan that would have placed a 475-acre island of sludge in the bay in the middle of it, built from material dug up from dredging at the Bayport Container Terminal in neighboring Shoreacres, near the Houston Yacht Club. (The dredging will go ahead, but the material go onto berms at Atkinson Island instead.)


The house, on the market 15 months, remains listed at $595,000. That end-of-June price reduction followed a 4-month run at $799,000, which followed 6 months at $925,000 after its market debut at $1.125,000 in May 2011. “Restorations” in 2009, as in after Hurricane Ike, overhauled the 1955 home, which last sold in June 2008 for $460,000. Beyond the breezeway at the front of the home lies an ahoy-accented interior that torques the waterside proximity.

Floors throughout the 3,456-sq.-ft. home are of red oak. And that’s cypress paneling beneath the white-wash glaze:

Living and dining rooms are open to each other. A wall of windows provides a water view:

This bay view in the living room looks over the front yard:

Signal flags are part of the tile work in the kitchen:

With its wooden ceiling and rounded corners, this study off the common area might as well be below deck:

The first floor also has the master bedroom:

Upstairs: more of the home’s 5 bedrooms. Several have access to a water-view deck across the back of the house.

The 17,475-sq.-ft. lot also has a saltwater pool with spa. The bulkhead was part of the redo 3 years ago. The listing says there’s a permit available to build a boat dock or pier. (The one pictured below belongs to a neighbor’s property.)

There’s a 1-car detached garage:

The property includes guest quarters, which has a bath listed as ADA compliant.

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  • Like. Except for those pesky hurricanes.

  • Truly amazes me they will build a home on a concrete foundation right on the water, I am sure they must have endured water up to the rafters for Ike.

    Beautiful place but NO THANK YOU!

  • Throw in the red Cadillac; add 3 garages; enlarge the master bedroom & bath; remove barriers, enlarge great room; focus on just a few colors and not so many in the home; very little ‘pop’ when viewing except a view of the bay & entry canopy; and remove most of the furniture. I’ll stop there; many more significant, cheap ideas to sell these people’s home. Don’t think they should have to take such a $$$ hit on it!

  • TYPO: 1st paragraph,3rd sentence TYPO: the Port of Commission…..;meanwhile the owners of this bayside pile are outta their fricking minds thinking they could get 1,250,000.Yeah right after donkeys will fly out of their butts. There will be a few more prices cuts. ALWAYS price to the market. And never follow the market,lead the market aka price to SELL!

  • Oh oh oh: I want a water front house. Just think of all the fun things that go with it: floods,hurricanes,high insurance premiums, rotting wood,the stench of salt water,never ending HIGH maintenance,very vulnerable intrusion factor – being on the water is easy access onto the property by nefarious types-the list goes on. And all of the updating. The owners better lower the price more or give allowances/incentives to buyers.

  • I understand Nate’s amazement at homes-on-slab built along Galveston Bay and Clear Lake… however, pre-Ike, high water was a vague risk that would only effect a few homes/areas.

    There’s something called the Jamestown Effect which proposes people need 7 years to forget a natural disaster and rebuild in ‘harm’s way,’ (such as at less than 20 feet above sea-level.)

  • As the markets return to normal we will see fewer million dollar listings and huge value jumps. A home is just that, home, we raise our families here, enjoy years of memories and learn how to be a responsible shepard by keeping the property in good condition for the next owner. It is time to stay in one place and become a good neighbor, active citizen of your town and proud home owner……… The investment return is happiness and no dollar amount the home increases will ever matter once you look at the place you live with your eyes open. It is time for a change my friends and it starts by realizing investing in homes had a negative affect on a section of our society that we as leaders are supposed to protect…..the average home owner just wanted a nice place to live and many of us betrayed them by trying to flip new construction homes which left homes vacant due to inventory we couldn’t move fast enough……… Credit needs to flow again so we can move owners in to these homes…… needs to be forgiven since every company runs off of debt and we bailed out numerous private industry giants……’s time to heal and live in joy……..wish the best for your family and the stranger…… If you own a company, well it’s time to expand and invest in your employees………Life is a circle and holding on to profits is a joke in the corporate world….also expecting a company to continue double digit profit growth is insane, steady profit is a sign of a healthly company……life is meant to be good for everyone, that doesn’t mean give your fortune away if you are rich, but it does mean we should avoid earning our fortunes through the misery of others…..keep that in mind the next time you short a stock or hunt for foreclosed bargains……….it is by his grace you are not on the short end of the stick and if you continue to take advantage of that grace without giving back, well tables turn to return society to harmony……..