Shocking Documentary Photos from the Idylwood Bedbug Invasion

“Remember a couple weeks back when I thought I was bit by a spider?” asks Idylwood blogger Lauren H. “Well, pretty sure that wasn’t the case.” She and her husband now think the critters who’ve seen fit to bite them in their east-side home 3 times each are actual bed bugs. “Or more specifically, couch bugs,” she notes in her online account. “Our living room is now covered in diatomaceous earth. It took care of our flea issue, and now we’re just hoping it continues to do [its] magic.”

Sure, we’ve all heard rumors about bedbugs in Houston. But until now, how much actual documentary evidence has been available? You know, the kind backed up by this kind of careful investigation and research:


Of course, we’re not positive [they’re] bed bugs. . . . Today I found one little critter on the coffee table when I was dusting. So we dismantled the living room. Found a second little critter. Comparing pictures from the internet, we’re pretty darn sure [they’re] bed bugs.

Photos: Lauren H.

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  • It’s the quality of the journalism. Period.

  • Another reason to be glad we did not win neighborhood of the year.

  • For your sake I hope DE works. Your journalism technique meets, or beats Fox News.

  • Nice pouty lip, my heart bleeds for you. :)

  • Who do we blame, Walmart or Swampalot’s neighborhood of the year award for this?

  • From slvrfish:
    Who do we blame, Walmart or Swampalot’s neighborhood of the year award for this?

    I blame those little Mom and Pop motels for a lot of this bed-bug infestation.

  • #5– all of the above! But for Swamplot’s prestigious Neighborhood of the Year award, Idylwood would have maintained its quiet anonymity and escaped the notice of these blood thirsty parasites.

  • I would tend to think these TWO critters were hitch hikers. Where they jumped on for the ride only the two humans can guess.

  • Hi. I’m the author of the blog. I in no way blame Idylwood for our bug (possibly bed bug – but in no way confirmed) issue. Mostly just think it’s bad luck. We really do love our neighborhood and our house. Also, thank you Swamplot for pointing out my grammar mistakes. I don’t think my family and few friends that follow my blog really mind, but now that you’ve sent hundreds of people my way I’m a bit embarrassed. :)

  • Lauren, idylwood, in all it’s awesomeness cannot be blamed, blame Gus.

  • You really can’t blame Gus. Blogs are “out there” so they’re (not their) all fair game.

    See, I used all three.

  • I’m still not sure how inviting Houston into my living room is fulfilling Swaplot’s mission of covering “real estate, home design and renovation, architecture, and the landscape of Houston, Texas.” Perhaps I underestimate the influence my pouty face has on the “landscape of Houston, Texas.” I at least think Gus owes me a drink for this.

  • Pyewacket, you misunderstood. I blame Gus for the bedbugs, not the invasion of Houston into blogger Lauren’s livingroom. I agree with you, however, that it is Lauren’s fault Houston is in her livingroom.

    Also, Lauren, I find it curious that you have previously been an anonymous swamplot source (see the Walmart blog entry in which you outed youself), but are now feigning surprise at your blog’s inclusion on swamplot. To quote Larry David, I am dubious!

  • Not too surprised. Although I don’t think I ever shared my blog address in any communications. But I am well aware of how the internet and tracking traffic works. More shocked that it was considered newsworthy by any means and a bit frazzled watching the traffic to my blog more than sextuple over normal levels the past two days. And, come on, I at least get to be a tad embarrassed finding a not-so-flattering picture of myself plastered on a well-read website. Sharing it with friends and family is one thing, with Houston, another. But once again, it is my fault and I definitely find humor in the situation.

  • Well, I found your blog post funny and your picture adorable. … With that, I remain dubious.