Short Swamplot Summer Experiment: Tips Only!

Drawn to lurid spectacle like the worst freeway rubbernecker, Swamplot is dedicated to covering Houston real estate. But hey, it’s the deepest part of the summer. Can’t we fit a vacation in here somewhere?

Here’s an idea: Swamplot will keep posting this week . . . but only on stories we receive reader tips about. How’s that for a compromise? If it’s important, you’ll write in about it, no? Otherwise, we’ll take a break from pounding the pavement pixels and try to enjoy some of this nice dry weather we’re having.

Yes, this experiment includes the Neighborhood Guessing Game. If you’ve got a candidate for this week’s round, send it in! Otherwise, we’ll take the week off with that too.

5 Comment

  • Have a good break! If you don’t post anything for the week, don’t feel bad. It’s your blog anyway!

  • Break? What break? We have some tips . . . !

  • I was just thought you might want a break for doing a good job…hehe

    I’m sure you have no problem getting tips!

  • Gus,

    No offense, but the nice weather you’re referring to is most likely going to include a good soaking once Edouardo moves past us… not that we can’t stand the precip.

  • Not fair!! – I’ll miss the game!!
    Just kidding – have a great holiday and stay away from Galveston, we just got chased out of there today, the second hurricane to cross our paths in three weeks. We are cursed — actually stay away from MOI!! I am the hurricane magnet this summer.