Shots of the Quintuple Stumping Around the Valero at N. Braeswood and Stella Link

Trees cut at 8430 Stella Link Rd., Braeswood Place, Houston, 77025

Trees cut at 8430 Stella Link Rd., Braeswood Place, Houston, 77025In other de-tree-ment news along Brays Bayou, a reader further upstream sends some photos of recently cross-hatched stumps now dotting the Valero-inhabited corner of Stella Link Rd. and N. Braeswood Dr. The top shot looks east past the gas station and the Church’s Chicken roosting within; the second shot looks south down Stella Link Rd. toward the former Pilgrim dry cleaners, which these days accepts clothing only as donations to the Shriners Hospital. A neighbor on NextDoor says that the 5 trees (mostly of just-over-15-inch diameter) appear to have been trimmed all the way down to the toes in mid June; at least 4 separate 311 complaints have been made on the matter since then.

Photos: Swamplot inbox

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  • That’s a darn shame. There is no question about who did it – either the property owner or his tenants. It’s a shame since these trees nicely shaded this corner and made it appealing. Now it’s just another sun baked strip of concrete. These crimes need to be prosecuted!

  • Driving by this location daily, the trees almost obscured the view of the gas station and in particular their ads and signage. I doubt that was the intention of the property management, which had let the stunted trees bush out on top, and they came by one day and cut them down, I guess to “improve” that obscured view.

    To those who called 311: what’s the city’s response?

  • Welcome to Houston Treelot where we write a story every time someone cuts down a tree.

  • I’ll rise to the defense of reporting tree destruction here at Swamplot. As a card-carrying conservative, I wouldn’t be classified as a tree-hugger by any stretch but I think trees that are destroyed should be viewed as newsworthy since we have enough concrete jungle.
    I also happen to live close to this particular Valero and I noted that the trees did obscure the commercial signage. They could have trimmed so that the tree could remain as well as getting better sign visibility.

  • Trees are great.
    Trees should be deemed People by the Supreme Court so we will have to ask them if they want to be chopped down.
    (By the way, let a tree grow a bit taller and it won’t block your view but will provide shade and beauty and will reduce landscaping costs. Even TXDOT is all about trees.)

  • Meh. Between tree massacres and mattress store updates, I am now grizzled, inoculated and frankly don’t care anymore.

  • I have photos of the crew doing that cutting. It occurred on a Sunday morning in June. Either the 17th or the 24th. I drive by there every day.

  • Actually I found the photos today. It happened on June 5th. Crew was there when I drove by at 11 AM. Just reply here if you want/need these photos.

  • Sure, Matt! Send ’em over to the tipline!