Show Us Your Living Rooms! (Or Gardens. Or Bathrooms. Or Whatever.)

A couple readers recently suggested we host a “Swamplot Posters’ Living Room Views” feature, “so that names can be connected to spaces…” Even though something like that might be fun, most of our readers are likely not especially interested in outing the dowdy, dusty, or ultra-mod couches of commenters’ own homes.

But it may be worthwhile to repeat what longtime Swamplot readers likely already know: We’re more than happy to publish photos of our readers’ design creations (anonymously or not, as you wish). If you’ve got a breakfast room or a tiny apartment or a garden or a bedroom you put together that you’d like to share with more people than you could otherwise fit into the space, send us some pix and a brief description of what you think is notable about it.

And if you know someone with more than the usual something goin’ on in the furniture or home decor department, why not give that person a little push? Have your talented friend drop us a line. If you’ve got something interesting to show, hordes of curious Swamplot readers are gonna be eager to take a peek!

2 Comment

  • How about a Flickr photoshare group? Similar to the Houston intersection feature you had going (what happened to that?). People merely tag their photos with the proper identifier, and once every couple weeks, Swamplot pics the cream. Flickr is optionally anonymous,so that is not an issue.

  • Pun NOT intended, “pics the cream,” jeez.