Shuttered LaDet Motel Now Going Red in the Face on Riverside Dr.

Photos from the middle of Riverside Dr. between 288 and N. MacGregor Wy. show the new paint job underway on the building once home to the shuttered LaDet Motel. The central 88-year-old Riverside Terrace mansion now receiving a fresh coat is about 50-years older than the ring of 2-story lodging buildings that wrap it as well as its surrounding parking lot on 3 sides — closing off the inner court from all angles, except through the gate at the front of the 2612 Riverside complex.

Now up on that fence, these brighter-hued red tags from the city’s code enforcers:


The order above to stop all structural work pertains to renovations that a reader reports have been ongoing at the complex along with the cosmetic changes since last week.

It’s posted right next to another tag that isn’t coping as well with the recent weather.

A view of the complex from the east shows more of the walls that surround it, as well as the construction site next door to it where a few foundations are now being laid:

Photos: Swamplox inbox

Ruddy Complexion

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  • That’s one of the Katherine Mott houses.

  • Red paint? Why?!

  • Indeed it is, and that is really ugly what they are doing to it.

  • OMG! This is horrible! Who in their right mind would do this type of horrible cruel renovation on a once beautiful historic home. This is a clear act of meanness and a complete arrogant disregard for the neighborhood area and the neighbors. Shame on the owners of this dump. The city should bulldoze the newer additions and hire a competent person to restore the historic home.

  • OMG! This is disgusting! Shameful! This is a perfect example of meanness and a persons arrogant disregard for the neighborhood area and the people in the neighborhood. The Riverside Community is trying to move forward and rebuild the family fabric of this once proud important influential historic Houston neighborhood. The owner(s) of this dump should be penalized for willfully destroying a historic home. We the families and neighbors adjoing LaDet Motel do not want pimps and whores on our family streets.

  • Wow. I’m all for doing what you want with your own property but are you SURE this is what you want to do? YIkes. That looks terribad.

  • The red paint work seems to have been completed. Perhaps revenue is down and the owners hope that this paint will improve the situation. Here are a couple of photos: