Sicardi Move Triggering Art Gallery Shuffle

The Sicardi Gallery’s impending move to its new Brave Architecture building currently under construction at the corner of West Alabama and Mulberry in Montrose (above) should send a few ripples through the local gallery landscape, art blogger Robert Boyd notes. Headed for the current Sicardi Gallery space at 2246 Richmond (across the street from Blue Fish House and the Hobbit Cafe), according to Boyd’s sources, will be Thom Andriola’s New Gallery:


So what about New Gallery’s Colquitt space? More word on the street is that Scott Peveto, formerly director of McClain Gallery, will be starting his own gallery in that space. Previously it had been rumored that his new space would be on Milam next to PG Contemporary . . . But Colquitt is probably a safer choice, given all the galleries already there. . . . While it is a disappointment for PG Contemporary that Peveto is not opening his gallery next door (because two galleries is more of a “destination” than one gallery), they are still forging ahead by moving next door to their current location into a space that is easily twice as large.

Then there’s the prospect of the Menil parking lot across from the new Sicardi building on West Alabama serving as an attractive starting point for gallery walks:

Sitting across from the Menil parking lot and the Houston Center for Photography will likely increase walk-in traffic [for the Sicardi Gallery] (not that they sell artworks to many walk-in customers, I’m sure). In fact, I’d say that the stretch of Alabama between Mandel and Graustark is a great place for galleries. People could park at the Menil, go check out the scene there, swing by the HCP, and then check out Sicardi and whatever other gallery moves in. It’s not like this stretch of Alabama is already dense with businesses or residences–there’s even a very large empty lot along the north side of the street.

Photo: Robert Boyd

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  • I drive by this thing all the time (at least twice a day). Cool to see something interesting going up there on that empty lot.

  • Any idea on what’s planned for the NE corner of W. Alabama and Mandell? Formerly three lots, it’s all cleared now.

  • I’m happy to see Maria Sicardi’s new location is almost complete. She’s worked long and hard for this great new space. Congratulations!

  • W Alabama and Mandell reportedly owned by a surgeon with a large car collection for which he bought the property to build an exhibition space. That was the last neighborhood grist I heard about a year ago.