Side-by-Side Heights Restaurant Debuts on W. 18th St.; Mapping Out Houston’s Apartment Starts; The Manly Theming of Randall Davis’ Marlowe Condo Tower

Photo of new home construction at 11434 Memorial Dr.: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • RE: ReBuild Houston Will Go Before Voters Again on November Ballot with Tweaked Language
    As the article points out, the November ballot won’t change any of the current ‘rain tax’ so what’s the whole point of this lawsuit and constant hand-wringing? Either kill or modify the rain tax OR go home.
    I’ll admit that I voted against this back in 2010 but, as the article’s last paragraph noted, $1.8 billion has come through the program ($785 million from the rain tax) and $1 billion of debt has been paid. Fiscally speaking, this isn’t a bad outcome. I just hope the projects done with the money are as effective.

  • Who’s behind that house at 11434 Memorial? Whoever it is must have a lot of patience. It has been under construction for almost three years.

  • 11434 Memorial makes sense on a handful of hectares and its own little fiefdom.

  • That house is ugly – you can’t buy taste!