Sign-A-Rama: The Billboard That Ate Afton Oaks

Expansion of Billboard at 4743 Banning Dr., Afton Oaks, Houston

When last we left the house at 4743 Banning Dr., a giant billboard had been planted in the front yard and the enterprising owners had successfully converted the front porch into a driveway. In this installment, our correspondent gleefully returns to the scene and finds even more exciting transformations, plus hints of a lot more fun in store for Afton Oaks. Here’s the report:

OH BOY!!!! Do I have some scoop for you.

So I went by the house on Banning and it has been swallowed up like a snake eats a rat. . . . It’s been completely usurped by Sign-A-Rama…now looks like one structure.

After the jump: it’s not just one billboard . . . there’s so much more!


And here it is! Sign-A-Rama has now eaten the house . . . on one side at least. Our reader sends in these views from Vossdale, fronting the West Loop:

Sign-A-Rama in Afton Oaks, Houston

Parking at the Former Front Porch of 4743 Banning Dr., Sign-A-Rama, Afton Oaks, Houston

and continues:

The interesting thing that I just happened to catch was in the third photo attached [at the top of this story]. The billboard facing is down and there are lots of workers up on top of the structure.

I drove by and got several looks with the camera sticking out of the car…I figured, what the heck, I’ll ask what’s going on.

Me: ‘So are they making you take it down?’
Random Guy: ‘Nope, we’re adding to it.’

That sound you heard was the collective heads of Afton Oaks residents exploding.

Random Guy motioned his hands upwards so I can only assume that they are adding to its height. Something else I don’t remember in the previous photos is the gray structure coming off the side of the billboard about halfway up…

On Flickr, user meltedplastic features a great shot of the house from Banning:

Billboard at 4743 Banning Dr., Afton Oaks, Houston

. . . as well as a clearer view of that “gray structure”:

Billboard at 4743 Banning Dr., Afton Oaks, Houston

A sign of more signs to come . . . ?

First, second, and third photos: Buildergeek; fourth and fifth photos: Flickr user meltedplastic