Siphon Coffee Taking Week-Long Coffee Break

The indie coffee shop and practitioner of advanced siphon-brewing techniques suspended its service last Wednesday so that big-name instant and pre-ground coffee producer Cafe Bustelo could take over barista duties inside for the week. The photo above shows the storefront going off-brand with temporary fixtures that dub it a “Cafecito” using Bustelo’s classic color scheme. Closer to ground level, you can see the new matching window dressings, too — added on too along the store’s glass facade.

Even Siphon’s standalone sign at the corner of W. Alabama and Greeley St. has been transformed:


Over the weekend, the lineup of events inside included giveaways, musical performances, and an “interactive art demo” led by Houston artists GONZO247 and Shelbi Nicole that resulted in this:

Siphon’s first day back will be this Thursday, November 1.

Photos: Margo (storefront signage and artwork); Swamplox inbox (standalone sign); Siphon Coffee (storefront signage installation)

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  • Some of the most OVERPRICED caffeine in Texas !!! I get the siphon 3 glass tier method is all au currant / hoity-toity in the coffee world(remember the $8 per TINY cup of Civet coffee that was hot for a moment back in early 2000’s?); well Siphon was the Civet coffee of the moment and people had enough. It’s fricking coffee- not a deluxe roll in the hay,for goodness sake.

  • While I empathize with HappyGoLucky’s rant, I think a simple solution is to keep on driving by.

  • Not to mention that aside from the fancy pants siphon coffee, the rest of their offerings are on par with most other coffee shops. I mean, you don’t *have* buy the most expensive thing on the menu.

  • HappyGoLucky: Just for the record, where does one find a “deluxe roll in the hay” for the price of a cup of coffee?
    Asking for a friend.

  • This place sucks. And I hate being a negative guy. Go to Mercantile a few blocks over on Hawthorne. It’s SOOOOOOOOOO much better. Not as busy. They serve Taco Deli tacos as well.