Skanska’s Capitol Tower Will Have Its Own Garage-Top Private Park in the Sky, or Closer to It

Skanska is touting the green roof it’s planning atop the 11-story parking-garage portion of the Capitol Tower as a “Sky Park”: It’ll be the “first and largest green roof in Downtown Houston to be open to all building tenants,” the development company says. The 24,000-sq.-ft. roofscape will feature pathways surrounded by plants, grasses, and a few decorative trees; arbors with roofs modeled after the pipe-assembly structure seen at Rice’s Brochstein Pavilion, and “an infinity edge that makes it appear as though the park is floating in the sky.” Plus: an automated irrigation system that’ll pull water from the building’s 50,000-gallon rainwater cistern. Looming neighbors will include the Esperson Building, 712 Main, and Pennzoil Place.

Access to the roofscape, which was designed by OJB Landscape Architecture, will be through west-facing doors on the building’s 12th floor, the 35-story building’s lowest office level:


The tower, constructed on the site of the former Houston Club building at 800 Capitol St., isn’t expected to be complete before 2019. The parking-garage-only section, however, went up first, on the site of an earlier garage which Skanska demolished after first expanding. It’s finished enough to show off a few views of where the park-like space will go:

This image matches the view in the rendering at top:

Here’s a recent view of the construction site from the building’s future street entrance at the corner of Capitol and Travis, as the Capitol-St.-facing garage levels are completed:

And a view from higher up near the same intersection, showing how the completed Capitol Tower will look. A corner of the green roof is visible peaking from behind the left side of the building:

Renderings: Skanska. Photos: Craig Hartley

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  • Great addition to this development …. I’d even say world class if the final result is like what is pictured. Congratulations go out to Skanska for bringing a modern, livable space to an otherwise blah rooftop.

  • Skanska needs to cut the crap and pay their subs, they’ve been paying late (up to 8 months past due) on several of their projects while playing the usual games of “bank hasn’t released our draws”, “we lost the invoice”, and “check is in the mail”. For a large international company they sure operate like a greasy used car dealership.

  • @commonsense

    At least they PAY their bills in full, unlike trump

  • Don’t take the bait.

  • Leave it to a non-American company to show us how to correctly build a project with NO below ground parking. Whenever I see below ground parking I keep going . Not worth getting your car flooded. @commonsense: I agree with @J: at least Skanska does eventually pay .Unlike your great leader Mr. Donald J FART. Con artist ,crook and thug of the worst kind !!