Slow Highrise Recognition School: Is This Place Really in Houston?

It seems Swamplot readers have had a little trouble identifying the highrise building discussed in yesterday’s Slow Home Design School video exercise. It’s new, it’s “Downtown,” and this west-facing apartment is on the 17th floor, says instructor and architect John Brown.

But is it even in Houston? Really?

What does Brown have to say about the floor plan?


A few carefully chosen excerpts:

This front entry is incredibly pretentious. It is really really big and really really empty . . .

. . . a liveried servant . . . to meet you at the door give you your martini and take your coat and your briefcase and school knapsacks and everything . . . that would just be great!

. . . seeing the whole big view in front of you . . . a place that’s designed to impress.

. . . set up for this household help situation where somebody’s in there making hors d’oeuvres and dinner and you’re sitting out here enjoying the view . . .

It just seems ostentatious and something that’s designed to impress and to be sold . . .

Okay, now that’s reading like a sales brochure. So maybe it is here. But . . . where?

Video: Slow Home

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  • Looks like Four Leaf Towers in the Galleria area. I toured several units before purchasing elsewhere. Most had the same dated hall and kitchen configuration. If so, it was built in the 80s.