Smokin’ Cypress BBQ Hotspot Will Welcome Your Unpacked Heat

Brook's Place, 18020 FM 529, Cypress, TX 77433​

Brook's Place Barbecue, 18020 FM 529 Cypress, TX 77433​Nationally ranked Cypress parking-lot barbecue trailer Brooks’ Place will offer a 25 percent discount on New Year’s Day to anyone celebrating Texas’s new open carry law with a properly holstered firearm. Owner and master of smoked beef Trent Brooks will also offer a permanent 10 percent discount those who show up armed after January 1st. (A sign posted on the premises notes that “judicious marksmanship is appreciated” if the need to draw does arise.) Things you shouldn’t show up with, according to other noticed posted to the shed (tucked next to the Ace Hardware in the shopping center at FM 529 at Barker Cypress Rd.): short-shorts and saggy pants.

Photos: Cletus O. (trailer) Angela S. (sign)



With Open Arms

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  • Open carry at a BBQ stand almost out in the cow pasture is not that disturbing, open carry at the Galleria Starbucks is unnecessary and needlessly provocative. We don’t need any more bleeding heart liberals and hysterical housewives getting upset every time they see a tool of equalization.

  • so just to clarify, is it the intention for the guns to be legally used to enforce the no short shorts & saggy pants policy? Regardless, always nice to see one’s stereotypes about the godforsaken land some call Cypress to be verified and confirmed.

  • If you’re afraid of people carrying (licensed) firearms in Texas, you may be in the wrong state

  • Just in case we need another reason not to go to these ridiculous exurbs.

  • Nyan, that’s a given, but it’s just that we generally expect business owners to have about 10 x the common sense and intellect compared to the average elected politician in this state.

  • It seems that, by definition, the people afraid are the ones that carry firearms. As far as being in the wrong state, perhaps, but to be told to where to live is an affront to liberty itself. Maybe TX is not for the one making such statements, no? ;)

  • I know what shopping center to never get near now when I visit my parents. I wonder how the other tenants in the shopping center will appreciate lost business?

  • Quantum for the win. Somehow I can find the strength and temerity to eat bbq without carrying a gun, and that makes me a scared housewife? People too scared to go outside without their guns should stay home.