South Post Oak

Snuff Is Not Enough: South Post Oak Lubricated Walking Tour

South Post Oak Blvd. at W. Bellfort, Houston

Veteran Houston hoofers John Nova Lomax and David Beebe and a guest suffer a vehicle breakdown on their latest walking tour — from West Fuqua up South Post Oak to W. Bellfort. The trip, says Lomax,

ended up as little more than a Bataan death pub crawl, taking in three unjustly obscure near southwest side strip mall taverns.

But . . . oh, the sights!


Lomax sets the soundtrack:

Since we were on the fringes of DJ Screw’s old ‘hood, I dialed up some screwed and chopped Southside rap on the iPod. Heat can have some of the effects as codeine, and the slowed-and-throwed music fit that day like Chopin does the Polish countryside.

Highlights of the tour include the usual impromptu roadside collections:

Shopping Carts, South Post Oak, Houston

Bayou Shopping Carts

A storage facility turned into a minimall:

Bippy’s World Store, Houston

And this sidewalk-side garden, next to a Buddhist Temple under construction:

Garden by Buddhist Temple Under Construction, S. Post Oak Blvd., Houston

More in Lomax’s report.

John Lomax at Trespassing Sign, South Post Oak, Houston

Photos: David Beebe