So Few Homes for Sale in Houston; A Record-Sized El Tiempo for Webster


Photo of Gateway Memorial City: MetroNational


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  • Pretty cool, as I am thinking of putting my place up for sale ….

  • Unfortunately it’s not an across the board increase. I know my house is still down significantly in value below where it maxed at in 2007. I lost 33% value, and I’m only now almost above water if I were to sell.

  • The St. Laurence story mentions that some parishioners are afraid to speak up “for fear of retribution”. Ha! What would the church possibly do? The church doesn’t check IDs at the door, and you can go to mass anonymously for the rest of your life if you wanted to. Are they going to refuse your cash donations? Prevent you from sitting in the front row? Not call on you to do the Second Reading?

    I hope this is the case of KTRK being overdramatic and not lying by these churchgoers.

  • So by 9,000 per day, you mean 18,000 vehicles per day (and 15,000 vehicles per day at the northern end). This is about what Hardy Toll Road saw in its first year. It will be interesting to see how much this decreases once they start tolls. Considering that gas/wear and tear costs more than $9 for the whole length, and the toll will cost $3.30, I would guess not much. It will also be interesting to see how much the completion of segments F1 and F2, and the overpasses of D increase traffic here as well.

  • @Tawnya, do you live in the suburbs? Not trying to turn this into an inside-the-loop vs. outside-the-loop argument, but ITL there is limited fresh or reclaimed dirt to build on, whereas OTB (OTGP?) there is always another new master-planned community being built just down the road. I mean, they’re building MPCs in the sleepy little farm/ranch town of Fulshear!

    Anyway, for some reason, the type of buyers who want to buy in a MPC frequently want a “brand new” house, not someone’s “slightly used” house. I’ve seen that sentiment expressed on So houses “way out there” don’t appreciate as much as houses ITL.

  • I fail to see what the neighbors of St. Laurence are complaining about. Their new annex facility they are building is replacing the old Williams Trace Baptist Church that has been on that lot for the last 30 years. Looking at FBCAD, the church & classrooms on that site are at least 65,000 sf.

  • @GoogleMaster Suburbs… kinda? We bought in a small community just inside BW8 at 45 south. There’s some new construction neighborhoods just south, outside the Beltway and yes I think that is what is killing any chance of values appreciating. My point was that the housing appreciation predicted is an average. Personally, I think it’s only ITL and select pockets just outside it like Oak Forest, Garden Oaks, Willow Meadows etc that are seeing significant increases.