So Long, Harrisburg Sonic

We hardly knew ye: The Sonic Drive-In at 7001 Harrisburg and 70th has quietly closed and covered its windows with solemn gray-painted plywood. The place had been situated among other chains and franchises and bus terminals near the recently installed big yellow bumper at the end of the forthcoming East End Line, catty-corner from the Magnolia Transit Center and a few blocks north of the Gus Wortham Golf Course (and perhaps the potential future Botanic Garden).


Photos: Allyn West

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  • That Sonic has never looked better. Isn’t that gray “Menil Grey”? Another sign of gentrification when even the boarded up buildings have subtle artistic overtones.

    And I anticipate this line to take a lot longer to open despite the station art being installed since they haven’t even begun the most complex middle section involving the grade separation/underpass at the train tracks.

  • They should build a game room…this area is screaming out for more game rooms.

  • The rail line is opening on time, but stopping at the Altic/Howard Hughes Station until the underpass is completed.

    Not surprised at the Sonic closing as they took forever and no one was ever there. Long John Silvers down the street is next. I’ll have to get my Sonic ice fix at Gulfgate from now on :)

  • I’m more shocked about the recent closing of the Fiesta Pawn on Harrisburg near Lockwood. It was located in a cool looking old commercial building. You know the neighborhood is changing for the better when the pawn shops move away.

  • Actually I went there quite frequently but the construction cut down their business cause you couldn’t not make a left onto Harrisburg cause of the METRO work.

  • The other day I was way out of my inner-looper comfort zone and passed by the intersection of FM 1960 and Perry Rd. There was a former Sonic location that had been turned into a “buy your car title” business. I was shocked and remarked that I could not believe a Sonic had closed. I’m surprised again. I don’t know why but I never imagined a Sonic failing.

  • It looks pretty new. When did it open?

  • Houston needs a botanic garden, at the same time it is so important not to place it on an historical site at Gus Wortham golf course. Not only is it the oldest 18 hole golf course in Texas, but it is used by and open to all the citizens of Houston as a wonderful recreational site, affordable and beautiful. Houston deserves both a wonderful garden and a first class municipal course with a full 18 holes, a nine hole golf course is not feasible( a master plan has been developed )and a historical designation is warranted. I wholeheartedly support both efforts, just not one superimposed on another green footprint. And a precious one at that.