So Long, Shell Tech Center: Southside Place Homes Up Next

Does the green fence mean go? It looks like demolition is just a shot away for this westernmost building of the former Shell Technology Center. Lovett Homes has said it plans to build 39 3-story homes — scaling back after some Southside Place residents raised concerns at public hearings its original plan for 45 3.5-story ones — on the 3.2 acres here at the corner of Braes and Bellaire Blvd.


About a year ago, these 3.2 acres of the 3-building, 9.7-acre complex beneath the West U water tower went on the market. Shell moved its operations at the end of 2012 from here to a renovated headquarters 15 miles west at Hwy. 6 and Richmond Ave.

Photos: Allyn West

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  • I suspect if we ever see zoning on the ballot again that Lovett Homes will be funding the opposition. Those six townhomes and the extra half-story, no doubt rooftop decks, have cut the profit margin a little. Well, more than a little. But that’s life in the little city. The one with zoning.

  • Sooo… Just so I get this right, we are willing to scrap a classic 50’s era mod-building for developer speculative housing?

    GREAT! Houston, we have a problem… withe the popularity of shows like Mad Men and a fascination with 50’s-60’s era styles. Houston will regret the day she decided a “Demo-it-all” mentality was good for business.

  • And just where will all of the elementary aged kids go to school? The area is zoned to Twain which already overflowing and has turned closets into classrooms…

  • It sure would have been nice to see this space turned into something like mixed use retail, offices and apartments incorperating existing buildings. It’s on the bus line direct to the Med Center, within walking distance of many restaurants and Whole Foods. I would have loved to live somewhere like that :/

  • I saw the Cushman & Wakefield listing for the main building next to this site- marketed as land only. Some townhome developer is going to tear down that beautiful 1950’s building. What a shame.

  • Great offices. Soon to be ugly houses.

  • @aternatvemike, super cool idea. I agree with you that this location would make a great mixed-use project along this corridor… I wish more Houstonians could envision smart growth initiatives such as this.

    I guess at least we will get another chance in 20-30 years when this over-speculation has run its course. Unfortunately, all the grand modernist movement buildings will be gone…

  • This isn’t in Houston. It’s in Southside Place, which has zoning, etc.

    Honestly, office/lab buildings of this era are mostly crap with low ceilings, asbestos, and very little light. No great loss.

  • I’d love to raise my kids on this carcinogen-infused land. Think of how awesome Southside Little League will be with 3 armed outfielders. Of course, my settlement checks from Shell will afford me a new BMW and a cushy retirement in Galveston. Yippee.

  • Stupid Nimbys whining about everything