Solvay Now Dissolving Behind New Office Highrise at Richmond Ave and Buffalo Spdwy.

Demolition of Solvay America Building, 3333 Richmond, Greenway Plaza, Houston, 77098

A rainbow sheen hangs at the foot of the Solvay America building as it crumbles back into the 3333 Richmond Ave dust from whence it came. A reader sends the above shot of the newly-stripped structure getting the ol’ hose-and-wrecking-ball treatment just before high noon today. The 1992 office building had its demo permit issued in late December; the building’s garage got one yesterday, just in time to join in on the fun.

The soon-to-be-formerly 8-story building is backed up against the 18-story office tower at 3737 Buffalo Spdwy. which wrapped up construction in November. Solvay has already shifted its offices over into the upper stories of the new tower, making way for construction of that 20-story hotel-slash-apartment highrise that was planned for the demolished building’s spot.

Meanwhile, the grove of oak trees northwest of the new construction seem to have weathered the construction as intended, and now stars prominently in PM Realty Group’s leasing brochure: 


3737 Buffaly Spdwy., Greenway Plaza, Houston, 77098

3737 Buffaly Spdwy., Greenway Plaza, Houston, 77098

Images: James Glassman (photo), PM Realty Group (renderings)

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  • I’m always amazed that the land can be worth so much that you can buy something like this — improvements and all — and just knock it down.
    1992 wasn’t THAT long ago. I know I’m getting old but yikes. A less-than-25 year old building is done eh?

  • Glad to see, and a little amazed, the oaks were saved. … this is Houston after all.

  • That’s the second time the oaks were saved. They surrounded the original mid-century building that Solvay moved out of in 92 – that’s why the 8 story building was placed on the site as it was.

  • Trees take a long time to show distress, so wait and see. It’s nice they made the effort, and of course it enhances the value of the property (at least a little).