Solving the Bare Walls Problem

Mobile Above Stairwell at 503 Fargo St., Houston

This dramatically hung mobile above the entry and stairwell of the house for sale at 503 Fargo St. in Montrose certainly captures your attention!

But that’s not why reader Kelley Owen alerted Swamplot to the listing. She noticed some artwork hung much lower on the wall in the Master Bedroom . . . and calls it “possibly NSFW.”


503 Fargo St., Houston

The 8-year-old house is listed at $799,000, $50K less than its original asking price when it went on the market in August. It has 3 or 4 bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths. Included in the 3,152 sq. ft. is a separate quarters suite which can be integrated into the main house.

503 Fargo St., Montrose, Houston

Looking over that above-the-pool porch is the largest of the bedrooms — with 21-ft. ceilings, but the artwork hung low:

Master Bedroom, 503 Fargo St., Houston

Can we get that any larger?

Master Bedroom, 503 Fargo St., Montrose, Houston

Just a bit. That’s as big as it gets. For any more detail, you’ll need a private showing.

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  • Suggest replacing the very personalized bedroom art with oh, maybe some nice bluebonnets… What’s that in the dining room over the breakfront?

  • Is this real estate listing r rated or pg?

  • Is that recording equipment I see on that bed shelf?

  • hmmmm, yes a surprising muscular house for the area…

  • The USA, the only first world country where the human body is considered “bad” or “r rated”. Grow up.

  • John: I don’t think anyone was knocking it. Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s not the sense I got from the comments. It was just worth a laugh or two.

  • Yep, that piece of art is hung pretty low.

  • It’s interesting to get these “enlightened” foreigners (like John above) looking down their noses at the ignorant, Puritanical Americans who have no appreciation whatsoever for the beauty of the nude human body because if they did they would exalt ALL representations of it no matter how prurient, vulgar, or tacky. It’s a penis, John. It’s not art. Go back to Amsterdam.

  • Richard, you so prove my point. Why is it that people like you, I’m guessing proudly “conservative” but correct me if I’m mistaken, assume that anyone who doesn’t think like you do is a “foreigner”? What a joke. I’m a proud Houstonian – born and raised, who finds it sad that some people consider a depiction of a penis to be vulgar. It’s just a penis. I’ll assume, again, that you have one. You shouldn’t be ashamed of it – really. For laughs, why don’t you define ART for us?

  • Penises are beautiful but that bedspread is hideous.

  • “Penises are beautiful but that bedspread is hideous.”

    Best. Post. Ever.