Someone Now Has This Morse St. Mermaid House Under Contract

No need to knock on your way into 2309 Morse St. — the mer-person standing in the doorway will see you and can even receive envelopes through a crotch-level mail slot. On the other side of the door, the dining room’s decor is less watery, with a peacock perched up on the accent wall shown on the left in the photo above.

Although it’s now under contract, the house is still showing, so here’s a closer look at those wallflowers:


The view from a few steps back within the very open floor plan:

Another mythical species guards the countertop:

And marks the boundary where the front gives way to the back:

Walled-off from the kitchen is this little area:

Take a right at the cherry and you’ll be in the master, staring back at yourself:

Down the hall, the other bedroom is more gilded and less nature-y:

But its bathroom does include this toilet-side tree:

Out back there’s plenty of shade:

And even a screened-in aviary (or greenhouse, depending on your pet preference) fronting a window for added transparency:

Deep-Sea Listing

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  • Congratulations to the former owner for creating a creative, fun environment, with a pool! I suppose it’s going to be kindling, but it was adorable while it lasted.

  • What a fun place. I wish I could take my kids there.

  • I walked past this house so many times when I was living in the area. Definitely added some interest to the neighborhood.

  • Ok. The mer-person and the stuffed wall peacock are unique. But the real selling point is the pool-that the adjoining neighbors could dive/cannonball into from their built to the property line from their townhouse.