Sonoma Walgreens: Not a Survivor

The River Oaks version of Michael Reed’s Examiner story about Sonoma’s failed financing efforts quoted here yesterday has an additional Walgreens update appended. The halt in plans for developing the Sonoma won’t change anything:

Meanwhile, Walgreens spokesman Robert Elfinger said Monday the Rice Village store will close Dec. 31 as planned and will not be relocated.

Photo of demolition on Bolsover St. last year: Jackson Myers

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  • I guess that answered my last question from the previous Sonoma Post!

    Walgreen’s will be gone. I’m guessing there lease was up at the end of the year which would have been when Sonoma was schedule to start building 2’s construction.

    It would have been nice if Walgreens got a spot in the new building. A pharmacy would do nice in denser developments like what is planned.