South Shepherd Apartments: Withdrawn

RR Donnelley Building, 1015 S. Shepherd, Houston

A reader forwards us a report indicating Trammell Crow Residential has withdrawn its variance requests for the South Shepherd Apartments, planned for the current site of the RR Donnelley printing company building on the Shepherd Curve, between the themey Renoir and Gotham condo buildings. And it’s not just the variance requests — apparently the entire project has been withdrawn from consideration by the city. Judging from the Planning Commission hearings — and from the comments on Swamplot’s story about the project — there was a fair amount of neighborhood opposition to aspects of the project. Is this simply a strategic retreat or is Trammell Crow backing out?

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  • One woman commenting during the Planning Commission mentioned that the land has not been purchased but is only under contract right now, whatever that means. Also, the Commission defferred, which I assume means they will wait another two weeks to discuss it again.

    IMHO, the opposition to the variances were pretty weak. Also, more studies need to be conducted anyway to truly come to a reasonable conclusion.

  • At least a few mice roared. We try.

  • Now Bridgewood Properties is trying to get variances that have the potential to create safety and traffic issues on McDuffie as it merges with South Shepherd. They plan to build a huge 8 story Senior Living facility between The Renoir and The Gotham lofts. Very little green space, if any, in the plans. There are about 40 units in The Gotham and about 80 in the Renoir. This building will add approximately 200 additional units.