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  • I admire how the curve theme is carried throughout this home, and I really like the sea-scape mural out by the pool.
    Great execution everywhere…
    But that bathroom mirror! Oh my – it’s a nightmare of slivered selves and flashing light as you move through the room.

  • Oh, where to begin. The numerous Chanel shopping bags displayed on the top shelf of the closet, or the Porsche that just happened to be parked in the driveway when photos were being taken. Yeah, yeah, we know your rich.

  • Master shower: First time I’ve ever seen TWO separate doors to access the master shower. Cannot understand how 2 doors is better than 1 in a shower.

    Master closet: Someone sure likes to shop at Chanel. Is it a “thing” to keep your shopping bags?

    Overall: The house feels surprisingly barren. Way too many stark white and transparent finishes. Even the pool is surrounded by hard surfaces, baking in the sun. I thought that when you went with a modernist white design, you are supposed to splash in brightly colored anchor pieces here and there to offset it.

    Overall…yuck. Especially for >$2 million.

  • Wow, I know this house. Used to drive by it all the time. I always wondered who would spend millions of dollars on a house right on a major street. My guess had always been that it would be someone who wanted glitz and glamour at a discount. The interior style seems to match that same philosophy.
    As an aside that living room looks a LOT like the one Easy-E had in Straight Outta Compton.

  • Interesting to read the reviews for the variously-named businesses that are run out of this address.

  • The 1980’s called to say Miami Vice wants their house back.

  • My clothes are Chanel but my furniture is Rooms to Go….

  • The owner had a premonition that the har listing would be featured on swamplot and made sure to display her Chanel bags and Porsche for everyone to see.

  • This looks like a house Crockett and Tubbs would have busted into on Miami Vice. Ugh.

  • The only thing it’s missing is the “The World Is Yours” globe from Scarface. What’s the over/under on how much cocaine these people do?

  • If you google the names that come up on HCAD as the owners, the backstory is quite interesting.

  • To give you some idea of what kind of people these are, they built the house and then somehow made Metro get rid of the covered bus stop that was already there. A lot of Pershing kids and house keepers used it.

  • Never would have guessed this house was built in 1996 when the design and decor range from ten to four years out of style for 1996.