Southwest Fwy. Midrise Audi Showroom To Get a Dealership Neighbor on the Stahlman Lumber Land

SOUTHWEST FWY. MIDRISE AUDI SHOWROOM TO GET A DEALERSHIP NEIGHBOR ON THE STAHLMAN LUMBER LAND Another car dealership is planned for the 2.4-acre Stahlman Lumber property right across US 59 from the 7-story Audi dealership (shown here) at the crotch of southbound Shepherd Dr. and Greenbriar St. The former lumber business’s property was sold in January. Dylan Baddour writes in the Chronicle that details on what the new dealership will look like (or what kind of cars will be on offer) are scant for now, though a VP of Sonic Automotive (the same company that planned the Audi midrise and its freeway-eye-level-showroom) says more info on the “big, beautiful” design will be released by the end of the year. [Houston Chronicle; previously on Swamplot] Photo of Audi dealership at 2120 Southwest Fwy.: Audi Central Houston

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  • The Grand Opening party at the Audi dealership was EPIC to put it mildly. Free flowing scotch, cigars, and oysters. Streets were [shut] down all around by the crowds and cars alone. It was so epic, the rumor is several people were fired for it’s epicness.

  • So anyone know where Stahlman is moving?

  • A Rumor from a Sonic Automotive employee is Land Rover Central on Old Katy Road is moving here. I am not sure yet if Jaguar on Old Katy is also moving to this location. Sonic wants Land Rover closer to downtown and along a major freeway.


  • Obviously no one knows & they’re guessing! Idiots…

  • My sources tell me Kia.

  • Also, my sources are hamsters.

  • I would put my money on Porsche. The Germans like to keep their brands close to each other.

  • I heard a rumour at the Jaguar/ Land Rover dealership that they were moving to 59 area “near Audi”.

  • If Cathy C thinks everyone is an idiot and guessing then she gets to pucker up and kiss the winner’s rear.
    She better hope it’s not hairy :-)

  • Stahlman, may be going out of business. It’ll be Kia /Hamsters/ Land Rover / Jags / Porches.. All of the PRETENTIOUS D-BAGS can be OBNOXIOUS there and impress NO ONE .. etc..Who the FRICK knows ,much less cares? Turn into a VERTICAL shopping mall… I used to live between Hwy 59/69/Super Trade Hwy & Richmond Avenue years ago. I was having allergy attacks from HELL one fine morning – 11/21/1992 -took a generic Benadryl about 9:15 am ish… Had Channel 13 on -remembered something about tornadoes possibly touching down in FAR West Harris County /North East Fort Bend County . Anyway woke up around 12:15-12:30pm ish to hear one of the Ch. 13 on air “personalities” say a tornado had skipped into town along the Southwest Freeway / Hwy 59 , hit Stahlman Lumber, them merrily slammed into several high rise buildings in Downtown. It was epic,gnarly,slightly scary, freaky and yet so amazing and awesome. Just a change in direction and parts of my old hood could have been vacuumed into smithereens..!!! Mother Nature- she’s a hard Master… P.S @Commonsense : That Audi opening party was the fricking ticket . The Germans KNOW how to PARTY. GO to Berlin.. They have days long EPIC ragers… Puts Coachella et al, into the amateur zone !!!!

  • I wonder how many wrecks have occurred as rubber-neckers gaze intently upon cars they aspire to drive and plow into another moving vehicle???