Southwestern Energy Begins Building Its Corporate Headquarters in Springwoods Village

Here it is, the new corporate headquarters that Southwestern Energy is building for itself in Springwoods Village, just south of the new corporate headquarters that ExxonMobil is building for itself. Construction, reports Fuel Fix, began this week. Speculation about the building began in April, though, when a film-noir-ish black-and-white version of this rendering was leaked via HAIF. It appears that the only difference — you know, besides the Oz-like transformation to the realism of color — is the addition of Southwestern Energy signage, including that little formulaic icon to the left. The 10-story building and 7-story garage, where the company will consolidate about 1,000 Houston employees, will occupy 25.6 acres alongside I-45 and should be ready to go in 2014.


Renderings: Southwestern Energy

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  • I drive by the ExxonMobil campus daily, and it’s pretty crazy to see everything coming up so fast over there. Once the Grand Parkway is finished, this will be one busy area!

  • It’ll be interesting to see how bad the traffic will be between the time Springwoods opens and the Grand Parkway is finished.

  • There are now two small tower cranes building something right on the feeder road between the Grand Parkway and Exxon entrance. Is this the foundation for SW Energy’s new building?