Southwestern Energy Definitely Moving into ExxonMobil’s Orbit

SOUTHWESTERN ENERGY DEFINITELY MOVING INTO EXXONMOBIL’S ORBIT A report today confirms what a reader told Swamplot yesterday — that Southwestern Energy plans to build a 10-story office building in Springwoods Village, the new eco-themed community being carved out of a forested area just south of the new ExxonMobil corporate campus at the intersection of I-45 North and the future Grand Parkway. An additional lot for expansion is being preserved on an adjacent site. Reporter Emily Wilkinson guesses that Southwestern could be the mystery company that bought up 22 acres of Springwoods Village last year. [Houston Business Journal] Map: Springwoods Village

One Comment

  • This is wild. Total madness to plunk down that much development out there with no infrastructure to support it. The brains behind this whole operation is signing away millions of hours of productivity on the roads. Why couldn’t Exxon have done all this at the KBR site? Utterly lame.