Spaghetti Warehouse Items on Auction; Free Press Summer Fest’s New Identity; Health Care Gaps Left Open After Harvey

Photo of HUE Mural Festival: Ruben S. via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • They are pretty aggressive about asking all the super neighborhoods to help plan Sunday Streets, but it’s literally dead last on anyone’s priority list. Its walking down a street that has been closed off. No food trucks. No live music. No things for the kids, just “walking, dancing, riding” down the street. The city does pay a lot of money for this even though they lie and say CIGNA covers all the bills.

  • Peska is blaming its closing on Harvey, that’s insulting, they’ve been a terrible restaurant for a long time with a revolving door of chefs and an incredibly low quality ingredients for incredibly high prices. $40 for paella that tasted like it came from a microwave dinner, sandy and mismatched oysters, and every fish tasted like partially defrosted tilapia.

  • SNG, actually at last year’s Energy Corridor Sunday Streets, there were quite a few booths and vendors, plus businesses that had special exhibits and entertainment. It was well-attended and really rather fun. Of course, it helped that it was a sunny beautiful day.

  • But why did FPSF change its name? No explanation is offered. I would think that changing the name/identity is risky for an annually recurring event – since familiarity/name recognition would be important for growth and drawing repeat crowds.

  • no explanation is offered? could it be that they changed the name from free press SUMMER fest to in bloom because they moved it from the summer to the spring.